ORGAN PREVIEW: Grow Your Own and a wholesome a slice of Anthrax, proper Anthrax mind you…


Ah the Dublin Castle, it was never the most friendly of Camden venues, lots count of the number of times the grumpy Irish guy who ra nit banned me. he banned me one night even though i was putting the gig on, I don’t care if you are organizing things, you’re not coming in, he never did get the ideas of fanzines and gig promotion  Grow Your Own Records have a six band mini festival happening at Camden’s Dublin Castle next month, 26th November to precise, and we do like to be precise.  Anthrax are headlining, proper Anthrax mind you, not the US metal band, the proper old school anarcho punk Anthrax from the over here and the proper days of soaped-stamps and photocopied DIY punk rock  Here’s the damn Facebook event page with more details. “A celebration of all things Grow Your Own and Ruth Hagar’s birthday. Doors open 5pm and the first band goes on at 6pm so get there early….”

Here, have a leaf, Autumn is here…

A Leaf, East London, October 2016

A Leaf, East London, October 2016


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