ORGAN THING: Stik on the changing face of East London…


Stik, Ladbrook Grove, 2009

Stik, Ladbrook Grove, 2009  (sw)

Busy day today, carefully dropping things and such, always carefully, never wreckless, not like Eric. Busy day dealing with 43 things, 43 parts .- have some classic Eric, the wreckless one, not the King. no time for a Thing of The Day today, we’ll raid The Guardian instead, this Stik film is well worth your time…

#43ArtDrop - the first of the latest 43

#43ArtDrop – the first of the latest 43


“Last year, the street artist Stik got permission for a major new mural in his neighbourhood, an area of the East End of London that now embodies gentrification at its most extreme. So he asked the denizens of Old Shoreditch – the vicars, artists and paupers – what he should paint in response … before the wall is hidden again by a billboard” View the video via this link



A bag load more Stik photos that just happen to be hanging about here…. click on an imae to enlarge or run the slide show…

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