ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: New ANTLERED MAN for free, DOLLY PARTON slowed down, everyone loves Dolly don’t they?

a_exclaim1xxxx marks the spot, Tuesday morning is the new Saturday afternoon down Vyner Street, thing? Thing indeed. Let us see for seeing is the thing. “Morning, London’s ANTLERED MAN ntlered Man have signed to New Heavy Sounds, home to Black Moth, Throne and Limb. Their second album ‘The Devil Is Them’ will be released on 14th October. The band have also announced tour dates for November as well as a one off London show on 24th September (at the Barfly in Camden unfortunately). There’s also a free download of a track from the album which is available here” said yer man in his e.mail, and indeed there is the track in question…


What else have we got today? Isn’t that Antlered Man track enough? There’s exclaiming to do, things to speed up, things to slow down, DOLLY PARTON slowed down 25%  from 45rpm to 33rpm. the song has been covered many many time of course but this slowed-down-and-going-viral version might just be the very best  ever (well besides the Me First version of course), no time for this today, there is no Organ time these days, we’re busy doing other things, enjoy your things,,,,






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