Spotify playlists. Well we were making use of the platform back when it first started out somewhere around 2008/9, haven’t made use of it for quite a few years now though, until June 2022 that is. Can’t say we’re that impressed with the way Spotify treats bands, artists, smaller labels, railing against it is like trying to hold back the tide though, we tried. Most bands/labels seem happy to use Spotify and regularly send us press releases with nothing but Spotify links and well who doesn’t love a playlist or a mixtape and so we’ve given up fighting it.

Each month we’ll build a playlist of tracks from bands, artists and such that we’re featuring on the Organ website during that month, we’ll pepper it with an old favourite or two, we’ll let the playlist build throughout the month and then when the month comes to an end we’ll kick in again with a new one for the next month.