The On-line Cultivate web shop is here.  Mostly art, now and again you might find some old print copies of Organ or a couple of old ORG releases or gig posters found in the corner.  Cultivate is of course the art gallery brought to you by the Organ team



Meanwhile there is a Bandcamp page now, recently opened, right now you’ll find a A fifth 43 piece painting and a whole load of music from Organ days of yore – Sea Nymphs, Muy Feo, Cardiacs, Gog Magog, Cynical Smile, Raging Speedhorn…

– This fifth piece, this fifth edition if you will, this fifth piece of work comes with two CDs in each of the hand painted envelopes, one a 19 track CD and one an 18 track CD compilation, both from the end of the last century, both professionally compiled and pressed. Both discs excess copies left over and both way too good to be heaved in the recycle bin or painted on. Musical treasure from the corner of the studio where they’ve been buried under paintings and old zines and gig posters and such for the last twenty years. Each painting is numbered, each one signed on the back, each one is a hand painted piece, acrylic and gloss varnish and all 43 paintings on sale via a newly opened Bandcamp page that will make available sone of the art associated with the print days days of Organ and ORG Records