Intent (part one): An art exhibition

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INTENT (part one): A show curated for Cultivate, January 2018 – A fifth cultivated on-line art show, 30 artists, 143 pieces, art gathered with good intent, art from all over the world, view the show and run the slide show here


THE (ACCIDENTAL) MARKS MADE WHILE MAKING ART: A show curated for Cultivate, November 2017 – A fourth cultivated on-line art show, following on from the Red, Black and Blue on-line shows/experiments. The (Accidental) Marks show can be viewed in full here via this link.

aa_marks_online1 copy

The (Accidental) Marks Made While Making Art – Cultivate, November 2017

SOMETHING BLUE: An experimental Art Exhibition, in conjunction with Cultivate, is now live and can be viewed via this link. The third in a trilogy of on-line art shows, Blue follows on from the Something Black and Red shows…


SOMETHING BLACK: An Art Exhibition, in conjunction with Cultivate, is now live and can be viewed here via this link



RED : An Art Exhibition on line…. Red is now live via this link… CULTIVATE PRESENTS RED: An art exhibition on line…

Cultivate presents (in association with Organ) RED, an art exhibition on line.   The notion is simple, an on-line art exhibition, curated and presented on line. Twenty four artists selected via an on-line open call or by invitation, alongside images from previous Cultivate shows, along with other observations (and that red feeling while waiting for the…explore here