On-line art exhibitions

The latest Cultivate online group exhibition, Mixtape No.2 opened on Tuesday November 15th, once again hosted on these pages, here’s the link that takes you directly to the show. Links to all previous Cultivate on-line exhibitions,all hosted here on these Organ pages, further down the page.

Coming next, a Spring Season of Cultivate exhibitions, more Mixtapes, more Three x Three shows, and a series of solo shows, bring on the Spring, more more more….

Mixtape No.2 opened November 15th 2022 – the link

Three x Three (Part Six) opened on October 25th 2022, the link

Mixtape No.1 opened October 4th 2022 – the link

Three x Three (Part Five) opened on September 20th 2022, here’s the link


There is always an art exhibition, art is part of what we do. Organ’s sister site is Cultivate, Cultivate is a London-based art gallery, an artist-led thing founded by two painters, Emma Harvey and Sean Worrall, originally housed on East London’s Vyner Street, now nomadic with shows in all kinds of spaces and places. Cultivate has existed since 2011. Alongside the now 170 plus physical shows we’ve put on, there has now been 26 on-line shows.

Here are the links that open all 25 Cultivate on line shows, the first on-line show, Red, opened back in 2017, we see no reason to ever close an on-line show.

November 2022 – Mixtape No.2

October 2022 – Three x Three (Part Six)

October 2022 – Mixtape No.1

September 2022 – Three x Three (Part Five)

April 2022 – Burst

March 2022 – Impart
March 2022 – Books (a companion show)
February 2022 – Book
January 2022 – Deflect
June 2021 – Saturation
May 2021- Still
April 2021 – Next (Au Suivant)
March 2021 – Alright?
February 2021 – Self
January 2021 – ReCultivate
November 2020 – Why?
August 2020 – So Why No Do It Again?
June 2020 – (And With Good) Reason
May 2020 – (Far From The) Turmoil
April 2020 – #43Artists
February 2019 – Attract (Part Two)
January 2018 – Intent (Part One)
November 2017 – The Accidental Marks Made While Making Art
August 2017 – Something Blue
April 2017 – Something Black
February 2017 – Red

Links to all previous 15 on-line art exhibitions from Cultivate, all of them are hosted here on the Organ pages…

Next / Alright? / Self / ReCultivate / Why? / So Why Not Do It Again? / (And With Good) Reason / (Far From The) Turmoil / #43Artists / Attract Part Two / Intent (Part One) / Accidental / Something Blue / Something Black / Red