ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: MATH THE BAND get Stupid and Weird, and more from that car park in Soho

THING OF THE DAY: New album from MATH THE BAND, and that thing is the underground car park is still going on. Meanwhile we’re  getting ready for February First Thursday, that and the growing of fresh leaves and such….



. MATH THE BAND have an album for you….

MATH THE BAND and some confetti

MATH THE BAND and some confetti

“After touring with Andrew W.K. (and appearing on his tv show Let’s Big Happy), getting signed to Eric Paul’s (of Arab on Radar) Anchor Brain label, releasing 14 music videos in one year, and then touring a ton more, one would forgive Math The Band if they wanted to take a break. That’s just not in their blood though. Blood apparently beating like a runaway locomotive.

A year later, Math The Band are back with ‘Stupid and Weird’, their first album recorded with a full arsenal of analog synths and live horns. Their distinct power pop formal of ecstatic boy/girl vocals, electric guitar, and analog/electronic drums still is at the heart of it all though. The album drops on Feb 14, again via Anchor Brain. You can hear it now via a full stream on the band’s bandcamp. While you listen, bear in mind that the band is already back in the studio recording yet again! It will be interesting to see if even death can eventually stop them.”


More from that Car Park, you can see it all in the flesh until the end of the week, you can see a bag load of photos here

and here comes some footage from the Flaneur TV people….

CHINESE OPE N2014 - Maria Jose Arceo

CHINESE OPE N2014 – Maria Jose Arceo


CHINESE OPEN 2014 (Sean Worrall)

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