ORGAN THING: Moist Paula, Ed Dowie, more art drops and a touch of Moisturizer…

moise_paula_photoSome days there’s a thing, somedays there just isn’t, it was like that on Friday, but then it was Friday and things needed painting and  Friday, pretty much the same as any other day, have we seen or heard anything we need to share today? Nah, Saturday now, today maybe? Sunday then?  Here’s something new from New York and Moist Paula while we ponder things….  We are very picky around here, we’re not going to post things just for the sake of having a post and as we’ve said before, the days of Organ are long gone now, this is just a bit of sharing and signposting and us enjoying a thing or two while things are painted and worlds spin and people write lists and then demand to know why we haven’t…


And here’s something that came our way earlier this week from a man called Ed….

“This is the 2nd EP from Ex-Brothers In Sound member, Ed Dowie. With a playful, yet melancholic sound Ed fuses experimental techniques with melodic aspirations to inhabit a world of bed bugs, Balkan disharmony and designer fort-building. His ethereal, yet strangely pedestrian vocals summon the spirit of Robert Wyatt or Arthur Russell to a fairytale soundscape reminiscent of Twin Peaks-era Badalamenti”.


#365ArtDrops, part 40, 41 and 42 left out around East London…. The continued adventure that is the piece of work called #365ArtDrops in which 365 paintings, paintings on things found on the street, painted on and then put back out on the street. The adventured continued today with part 40, 41 and 42 left out around East London, Part 40 was painted on a piece of hardboard found left outside a woodwork workshop in Vyner Street, part 41 and 42 were found left on the pavement outside an artist’s studio at Space, Mare Street. All three pieces went out this morning….


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