ORGAN THING: Sometimes a tune lands in the in-box and just refreshes the day, Useless Cities are from…


Sometimes a link lands in the in-box here and just refreshes the day. Useless Cities are from, hang on let me go find the e.mail again, here’s one of the tracks…


They’re from London, this is their debut and words aren’t really needed, this is just very refreshing, delightfully so, three rather fine statements of intent, especially that song up there, To Be Ruined really is delightfully good, they don’t needs words from our end, here’s the music, let that do the talking…. brilliantly uplifting, refreshingly good and “freshly out of the oven”,,, Here’s what they said….

“Hi Organ, Sorry to email out of the blue, I know you must get inundated. But we have made some music which we are hopeful that you would like. We’re called Useless Cities and we’re an indie 4-piece with male and female vocals: Tom – Vocals/Guitar, Conny – Vocals/Keys, Clare – Bass, Sebs – Drums. Influences include The National, Arcade Fire, Mogwai. Starting off in a disused public toilet in Kentish Town as a rehearsal space, the band was up and gigging after about 12 months.  The outcome is bittersweet melodies and feelings, all pinned together by a skewer of flowing guitar sound. Intertwined male and female vocals are anointed by a holding piano sound and warm bass tones, aligned on OCD-like overthought drum beats. We have just finished recording our first EP with Jessica Corcoran at Gravity Shack Studios in Tooting, and would love if you could give it a listen”.

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