ORGAN THING: Something Like You at And/Or, another fine art show in another fine railway arch…


And/or has moved again, such is the life of a Hackney gallery these days, you find the art space in a rather aesthetically pleasing (not too white, not drowning in the fresh fumes of white paint) railway arch just off London Fields now   Something Like You is beautfully coherent group show, an exceptionally well put together group show, paintings, installation and the rather impressive work of Jasper Baydala, Max Brand, Gina Folly, Benjamin Orlow, Joanne Robertson, Megan Rooney, Sam Porritt and Glen Pudvine. You find the the gallery hiding under a railway arch in the darkness just off London Lane, Hackney,  it feels just right in here, a cohesive considered deliciously formed show, paintings feeding off each other and some rather enegetic pieces of art. Information in terms of who has painted what is a little thin on the ground, there’s probably a piece of paper somewhere. Something Like You is a very likable show, there’s energy in the art, the paint, the marks, the pieces on the floor or hanging from the ceiling, feels good in here, another East London art show and a well put together, well curaed, well hung collection of art and artists to go back and explore without the enthusiastic chattering art-obscuring crowds of the rather buzzing opening night   Art excites, good to see an East London galelry space surviving and evolving…  (sw

ANDOR is found under  the railway arch at London Lane, London Fields, London, E8 3PN
The gallery is open: Thursday – Saturday, 12 – 6pm. Something Like You runs until April 11th

Click on an image to enlarge or run the fracture slide show

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