ORGAN: With much sadness we report the death of painter Howard Hodgkin..



“With much sadness we report the death of Howard Hodgkin, who passed peacefully today. One of the greatest artists of his generation” so read the Tate twitter feed just now…

And indeed so, what a fine fine painter and what a body of work, of colour or texture and delight he leaves us, a painter to celebrate, and yes a painter who’s work, marks, colour and energy I’m rather fond of. Almost a household name in terms of painting of course, and probably not in need of coverage on these pages devoted more to the alternative underculture, but his passing could not be ignored here today, a glorious painter and a life and body of work to celebrate.  (sw)


“British artist Sir Howard Hodgkin has died at the age of 84. The abstract painter and printmaker, who died in hospital in London on Thursday, was “a central figure in contemporary art for over half a century”, Tate galleries said. Tate director Sir Nicholas Serota said he was “one of the great artists and colourists of his generation”. Sir Howard won the Turner Prize in 1985 and represented the UK at the Venice Biennale the previous year. He was knighted in 1992.  His work is held by major galleries and museums around the world, including the British Museum, Tate and MoMA in New York, and two exhibitions of his work are opening in the UK in the coming months” so said the BBC



Thundercloud, 2015.16 – 41.6 x 48.9cm



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