ORGAN THING: Five more slices of music, Fox Face, Märvel, Ka Baird, Husky Loops, Ian Chang…


Clare St, London E2, March 2016

Five musical things, no messing, just five slices of music or five slices of band or whatever, five musical slices that have passed our way via our social media feeds or our busting e.mail in-box in recent times, five slice of music in no particular order…

1: KA BAIRD is a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist living and working in NYC. She’s one of the founding and continuing members of the long running avant psych project Spires That In The Sunset Rise.  This is a track from the very recently released album “Sapropelic Pycnic”, released September 22, 2017 on Drag City


The Ka Baird track there features Max Eilbacher. Hey, look, you have the youtube slice there, you have the links, you have your own eyes and ears, you really don’t need our words, music reviews are so last century, all about the soundbite and the links and feeding your mouse now (you do still use a mouse don’t you, you’re not listing to this fine music on some crappy phone on a bus somewhere are you? Go home and make use of your speakers right now. Husky Loops sound like breakfast cereal, well no, their names sounds like it need milk poured on…. don’t you just hate it when some says “going forward”

2: FOX FACE are from Milwaukee, this track that just landed in our in-box is taken from the band’s forthcoming debut full-length, the album scheduled to be released through Dirtnap Records in the U,S on November 3rd.



3: HUSKY LOOPS nothing to do with breakfast cereal and just a track that cross our path, as did that Tempo track a few months back, there’s just something good in the details here, that piano sound that kicks in at a slightly different angle, infectious refrain, here it is, and there’s the link up there a couple of lines ago

And here comes some more Märvel…

4: MäRVEL:  “Swedish hard rock sensations” so screams the press release,  “Swedish hard rock sensationsMärvel have revealed the video for their new single All Over The News. The catchy track is taken from their upcoming album At The Sunshine Factory and…”. They’ve featured around these parts before of course, I mean, bits oF Kiss, bits of Lizzy, bits of Backie Lawless, what is there not to like? Marvel website or Facebook


5: IAN CHANG – “Bringing electronic music to the physical realm, genre-bending drummer Ian Chang has just released his debut EP ‘Spiritual Leader’.  An acclaimed drumming virtuoso known for his work in Son Lux and Landlady, Chang uses his kit to control and manipulate samples resulting in a seamless synthesis of raw performative intensity and sophisticated sound design”.


“The process began in 2015 when Chang was beta-testing Sunhouse’s Sensory Percussion, culminating in a psychedelic lightshow of a video and track entitled ‘Spiritual Leader.’ Since then,Chang has honed his creative voice in gearing up to release his debut with Kowloon Records. The EP explores the relationship between human and machine, exuding an intuitive physicality meshingoff-kilter rhythmic ideas with hypnotic textures and exploring the edges of IDM, ambient, free jazz,and much more with futuristic creative abandon.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Chang was shaped by the city’s diversity and vibrancy. He moved to New York in 2007 to pursue music and has to date recorded and/or performed with such varied artists as SonLux, Landlady, Joan As Policewoman, Body Language, Matthew Dear, Dave Douglas, Rafiq Bhatia, Rubblebucket and Moses Sumney”.

The video for ‘Romeo’ was shot, directed and edited by Alix Spence – “We landed on the central theme of movement for the video. Shot on super 8 film in Mexico City, we looked at influences like Marie Menken, Hans Richter, and Jonas Mekas. We wanted the city to become abstract as the song builds, moving from discernible spaces to shapes and colors. In editing, single frames of the film were taken to create stop-motion animation and therefore abstract even the footage itself. Through this discovery, the video became not just a rumination on movement as it relates to the city, but movement as it relates to the larger concepts of film and sound. How does one propel the other, and can a narrative move beyond a story to focus instead on the qualities of the medium itself?”

6: WAND, while we’re here, some Wand and the title track from Wand, released by Drag City….

and some more, a rather fine version of a Neil Young classic….


More of this kind of thing in a day or so maybe


East London

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