ORGAN THING: Xaddax vs My Name is Rar-Rar, a rather tasty split seven incher, people from Dazzling Killmen, Hella, Le Butcherettes, Flying Luttenbachers, Xerobot…


Organ Thing of the Day, Xaadax vs My Name Is Rar-Rar, a rather tasty split seven incher, people from Dazzling Killmen, Hella, Le Butcherettes, Flying Luttenbachers, Xerobot…

“Hi There” said Mark, “This is Mark Fischer from SKiN GRAFT Records writing”, see told you it was Mark, here’s wjat he has to say,.”!Hope your new year is off to a great start! Here’s some news about our next release, a split 7″ EP and CD from Xaddax (ex-Dazzling Killmen) and My Name Is Rar-Rar (members of Le Butcherettes, Hella, Xerobot and The Flying Luttenbachers)”.


My Name Is RAR-RAR was a Chicago no-wave band that emerged in late 2000, formed by guitarist Chuck Falzone and bassist Jonathan Hischke. Both had served time in The Flying Luttenbachers and they brought that dissonance and speed to My Name is Rar-Rar, where Falzone’s odd guitar timbre snaked between Hischke’s ridiculous synth-bass lines and collided with the playful tribal thump of Chrissy Rossettie.

When original singer Camilla Ha left the band, Greg Peters took over on vocals, bringing his trademark bark from his previous band Xerobot. His whoops, coughs and delusional ramblings transformed the band into a speeding circus caravan that misses a turn and tumbles over a cliff, time and time again. Peters’ on-stage antics were always something to behold as he flailed about, cupping the mic to his mouth and gripping the side of his leg. The band released a split 7″ with Neon Hunk, a comp track on White Denim Records and a mini-EP on an obscure Italian label. They recorded their first record in 2003 but broke up before mixing it.

Years later, Nick Sakes, founder of influential post-hardcore nightmare merchants Dazzling Killmen, and Rossettie hatched XADDAX – a kinetic, No Wave-y two piece that clashes Sakes’ jagged guitars and signature vocals across Rossettie’s worldwide web of haywire electronics, meandering synth, and frenzied drumming. Their first album, “Counterclockwork,” was released on SKiN GRAFT Records in 2012 and new material is in the works.

The XADDAX / My Name Is RAR-RAR split 7” EP brings two new XADDAX songs together with a pair of newly mixed and mastered tracks from RAR-RAR’s final recording session. The four-song EP includes a reversible silver foil cover and full color backing card in a crystal clear, resealable 7″ storage bag.

The full-length CD edition includes the previously unreleased My Name Is RAR-RAR full length album and comes in your choice of two different covers – one featuring XADDAX and another featuring My Name Is RAR-RAR.

NOTE: The Rar-Rar cover art edition is limited to 125 retail copies and is sequenced differently from the XADDAX cover version…


Both CD editions and the 7″ include liner notes from the host of WFMU’s Cake & Polka Parade, Fatty Jubbo”.

The official release date February 24th, 2018,  Full details via the Skin Graft Bandcamp page 


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