ORGAN: Five Art Things – Ricardo Cavolo at StolenSpace, Fani Parali’s new performance The Terrace of Lungs, Yulia Robinson, Bertrand Fournier at Delphian, What Kind Of Spirit Is This? at Sim Smith…


Ricardo Cavolo

Fruit shops and things, Over and Over (Again and Again), April was pretty much all about the latest Cultivate Columbia Road takeover for us, two rather busy art shows in that beautiful old East London shop that has been Shipton Street Gallery for the last dozen or so years now. There was no time for whatever anyone else was doing, sure, we got to other people’s shows, of course we did, other galleries, other people’s openings, we just didn’t have the time to be writing much about them, no time for previews or the rest of it, we were up to our necks with our own thing.  Every single time you put on an art show you learn more about yourself as an artist, you learn about the artists involved, about the way people view the shows you put on and the art you make,  the way people view what you do in terms of what they do, the way other artists view the way things work, you learn a lot about lots of things. Five more art things then, five recommendations. Do we need an introduction? All very simple, five art things coming up or happening right now, same as we said last time, a born again regular (unless it all falls off the edge of a cliff again) almost certainly weekly, or something like weekly, a weekly round up of recommended art events, shows exhibitions and things we rather think might be worth checking out, dates for you diary and such. Mostly London for that’s where we currently operate and explore, and no claims that these are “the best five” or the “Top Five”, we’re not one of those art websites that ignore most things whilst claiming to be covering everything and proclaiming this or that to be the top thing or the best thing. this is just regular list a five or so art things we think you might find interesting…


Fani Parali

1; Fani Parali, The Terrace of Lungs at Zabludowicz Collection –  “Join us for drinks, and to experience Fani Parali’s new performance The Terrace of Lungs, a new work for two characters, revealed through objects, choreography and song. Intended for an intimate audience, the performance will repeat every half hour from 7pm, with places to be booked on the evening on a first come, first served basis. Parali uses text, song, audio recording, performers and physical props as materials to create (dis)embodied and otherworldly narratives, exploring identity and absence. The Terrace of Lungs is a new work for two characters, revealed through objects, choreography and song. Set within a sculptural stage that echoes the shape and scale of the gallery space, the performance occurs for an intimate audience in close proximity. Intended to be experienced more than once, the work will repeat on select Thursday evenings and Saturday and Sunday afternoons. At the centre of the work is the entwined relationship between voice and body, and their simultaneous presence and absence. Creating a complex dynamic, the work addresses intimacy and the need for support, attempting to break down boundaries that keep beings at a distance, be they place, or gender, or any of the other demarcations we use to delineate who we are and what we are not. Recorded voices are mediated through the bodies of the performers, the characters emerging as part human, part animal, part spirit, and part landscape – as other. The poetic and physical encounter between these polymorphous creatures allows the viewer to enter their world – ‘the terrace of lungs”

The Terrace of Lungs opens on Thursday May 2nd frpm 7pm until 9pm and then runs untl May 19th, the Facebook event is here, find the Terrace at176 Prince of Wales Road, Kentish Town, London, NW5 3PT –


Ricardo Cavolo

2: Ricardo Cavolo – Hero’s Wound at StolenSpace – Hero’s Wound opens this Thursday 2nd May at Stolen Space, 1open runs from 6pm until 9pm and then runs until 31st May 2019 –   “StolenSpace Gallery is proud to present ‘Hero’s Wound’, an extensive solo show of new work by artist Ricardo Cavolo. Ricardo Cavolo is a Spanish aritist based in Barcelona, who has exhibited across the globe from Paris, Mexico City and Hong Kong. His eclectic style is based on relationships with folk art, traditional and modern tattoo culture, european religious imagery and the tribal arts, comic and cartoons. Ricardo focuses on portraiture, stories, characters and their experiences across time, while referencing religious and historical illustrations, using symbolism to connect to a modern and playful audience. For this new body of work, Ricardo is inspired by his childhood ‘heroes’. His love and respect for them is pledged through these works, revealing his deep admiration for these characters, while also expressing stories of these ‘heroes’ as vulnerable beings. ‘Heroes must fight their own demons, just like everybody else. The difference lies in what comes after their internal battle. Heroes are heroic because they save the world and alter the fate of humankind in spite of their own ghosts. Everyone knows the heroes by their public profiles of powerful, strong, fearless individuals who save the world every day. I wanted to present them without their masks, as raw human beings struggling with their personal beasts. By painting them in their most vulnerable state, we can better understand how truly powerful, strong and brave they really are. I hope everyone can relate to these heroes and see part of themselves in each character. Because we all have our own battles, just as we are all heroes.’ – Ricardo Cavolo, 2019 – Stolen Space is just around the corner from Whitechapel gallery  at 17 Osborn Street, London,  E1 6TD –


Bertrand Fournier

3: Bertrand Fournier – Some Pieces Of Mind, Delphian Gallery at Hoxton Art Project Space – “French painter Bertrand Fournier comes to London for his debut UK solo exhibition with Delphian Gallery”, the show opens this Thursday evening, that’s tomorrow if you’re reading this today, today if you’re reading it tomorrow, Thursday 2nd May, 6pm until 9pm and then until 17th May here in East London – “Born in 1985 in Île-de-France, Fournier began painting in his early 30s. What started out as a hobby alongside his job as a nurse in a psychiatric infirmary—became a compulsive artistic obsession. He has since achieved astronomical success, both online, and in galleries worldwide. Fournier reconfigures organic forms into grander linear statements on untreated linen canvas. He flirts between abstraction and symbolism, figuration and minimalism. Bold combinations of bright colours are synthesised into disorderly settings as a deliberate gesture to celebrate the beauty of imperfection. We invite you to join us in viewing the original artworks of this incredibly exciting artist who has only been exhibiting since 2017” . Find it all at 253 Hoxton Street, London N1 5LG – Here;s the Facebook event page – let’s hope Delphian aren’t doing that you can’t come in if you haven’t signed up via social media bulpoop again.


Yulia Robinson

4: Yulia Robinson and Caroline Sayer, Duet at The Fountain Gallery –  Yulia Robinson is an exciting painter, something about the energy in the marks she makes, the colour she uses,  the ambition in her paint,  the  spontaneity, her blowing and dripping, her bleaching, her multi-layered paintings that involve both figurative forms and an abstract language, Yulia’s paintings are rich in texture, alive with personality, with commitment, with a vibrancy that comes with the excitement of paint, the excitement of painting, the excitement of the doing.  Impulsive, physically expressive, sometimes unexpected, there;s a lot of movement in a Yulia Robinson painting, you imagine the process is almost and rewarding as the finished painting, I want them to get bigger and bigger”. (Sean Worrall)


Yulia Robinson

Yulia Robinson is a London-based artist, originally from Sakhalin Island, Russia, Yulia regularly exhibits both solo and in group shows as well as at art fairs both nationally and internationally, her work is in a number of prominent collections    Yulia has a new show called Duet  at The Fountain Gallery over at Hampton Court, Duet  runs from 29th April until 12th May 2019 (late night private view on May 3rd)  The show  is said to be “an artistic dialogue between painter Yulia Robinson and sculptor Caroline Sayer”, rather like the idea of a day out at Hampton Court. The gallery is located just across the bridge from Hampton Court Palace in South West London. The Exhibition opened on April 29th and runs until 12th May, The late night “Private View” thing is open to all s owe’re told, it runs from 6pm until 9pm on Friday 3rd May,The show is said to be “an artistic dialogue between painter Yulia Robinson and sculptor Caroline Sayer”, rather like the idea of a day out at Hampton Court. The gallery is located just across the bridge from Hampton Court Palace in South West London. (Open Tuesday to Sunday 11am – 5pm) – The Fountain Gallery, 26 Bridge Road, Hampton Court, East Molesey, Surrey, KT8 9HA – / www.


Aly Helyer – Dreamlander (2019)

5: What Kind Of Spirit Is This?’ is the inaugural show at Sim Smith, and casts a celebratory and inquisitive eye over painting today. Combining original work by nine artists concerned with employing paint to express their own particular narratives, this exhibition centres on the power of painting in the digitally connected 21st century.  Curated by one of the artists on Smith’s roster, David Surman, the exhibition asks the question “Why paint? Who needs painting?” in a world that seems to have evolved so far beyond the medium in terms of artistic possibilities.  The exhibition features work by Matija Bobičić (b.1987, Slovenia), Tim Garwood (b. 1984, UK), Kate Groobey (b. 1979, UK), Aly Helyer (b. 1965, UK), Doppel Kim (b. 1985, Korea), Sandra Lane (b. 1954, UK), Jonathan McCree (b. 1963, UK), Daisy Parris (b. 1993, UK), and Maïa Régis (b.1995, France). Featuring paintings and painted ceramics, the works pursue an array of ideas from the historical and architectural to questions of human existence and identity. The challenges and interplays of paint are seen through visceral brushstrokes in a preoccupation with surface in some works and subject in others. Some subjects are crudely drawn and almost childlike whilst others dissolve and disappear under layers of texture. Gestural figuration to total abstraction, the paint transforms, delights and teaches us about this new energy in a snapshot of the quality of the painting landscape today. What Kind Of Spirit Is This? opens of Thursday evening, 2nd May and then  continues 3rd May – 1st June,  Thursday, Friday, Saturday 2 – 6pm  Sim Smith is at 149 Camberwell Road,  London, SE5 0HB –

And coming up in June, this year’s Art Car Boot Fair  –





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