ORGAN PREVIEW: Art Car Boot Fair – Prêt-à-Accrocher – A “ready to hang flash art sale” – it all happens on the first Sunday of December at the Workshop, London, SE1…


Art Car Boot Fair – Prêt-à-Accrocher – A “ready to hang flash art sale” – it all happens on Sunday 1st Dec 2019 at the Workshop, London, SE1

“Be the first to secure your ticket to Prêt – à – Accrocher, the Art Car Boot Fair’s Ready to Hang edition….just in time for Christmas! Join us for two and a half hours of feverish art buying and get fabulous original presents for all your loved ones, ready to go! £10 in gains you access to the coolest art bargains in town – advance tickets available here now!”


Art Car Boot Fair Christmas Wrap Party, London, December 2018 – DJ Fari Bradley

2019 has been a good one in terms of the beautiful thing that is the ever evolving Art Car Boot Fair, the rather unique long-standing London-based event  has had a good year and it isn’t quite finished yet  We’re quite some way from the fair’s spiritual home of Brick Lane now, the landscape has changed, the art scene has drastically changed, the Art Car Boot Fair has always adapted, evolved in the right way – the Art Car Boot Fair has always been about artists, about artists leading things themselves, about treating the artists and galleries involved the right way, which in terms is is one of several reasons us participating artists love taking part so much – the Art Car Boot Fair is unique in the way the artists are treated actually, if feels like a big travelling art family 9and it always so good to see these regular faces who come to the fair and explore the art year after year.  This year the main summer event out in the courtyard of the born again architecture of Kings Cross was as good as ever, the late summer trip to Margate was even better, seaside treats indeed. The Art Car Boot Fair is mostly about one big summer event in London, there almost always an out of town event to go with it, this year Margate, in past years Liverpool, Hastings, Folkestone, a forest in Sussex, a festival in Cornwall. Last year for the first time there was a Christmas event, it felt a little strange, the Fair really is mostly a summer sunshine thing, it was fun in the winter though, there was all the usual things you’d expect at a Christmas event, there was the usual things you’d expect at an Art Car Boot Fair event, paintings, print releases, people making things, lots of people-watching, one off special things made just for the fair, art at prices you only really get when you’re dealing direct with the artists and you’re not in a gallery – there was some very unusual Christmas music last year, do hope the Resonance FM DJs are back this year, you see it isn’t all about buying, it is a social event, an excellent day out, there’s people, music, conversation, food, performance, and you really don’t have to be buying art (although we artists would prefer you did, bring cash now, we can’t always depend on technology in these strange buildings), this time we’re back at that big old fire engine workshop down by the river, same place we were last Christmas,, it is good to just explore the art, it isn’t all about buying, although there are some very affordable pieces, prices for everyone, original paintings for as little as £10, hey look, this is starting to feel like a sales pitch and I really don’t want it to be that, yes I am a participating artist, yes I will have my art on sale, but the Art Car Boot Fair is always a genuinely exciting thing, a highlight of the London art calendar, I love the engagement it affords, I love being part of it and I make no secret in terms of saying so, here’s some of what the organisers have to say about Prêt-à-Accrocher….

“Fill your hearts with joy, your pockets with cash and your Christmas stockings with art. £10 to get in. Original art bargains guaranteed plus Secret Santa Art Casino! The Art Car Boot Fair returns to The Workshop in Vauxhall this December for a one-off festive flash sale as a stellar line-up of artists create unique works they will sell in person on the day at astonishing bargain prices”.
“Prêt-à-Accrocher, the Art Car Boot Fair’s “Ready to Hang” Edition, promises to be an afternoon of feverish art buying, and the perfect opportunity to get special Christmas gift bargains. There will also be on-the-spot personalisations and hand finishing by the artists, plus a special wrapping and postage service, Christmas cards, gorgeous decorations and a Secret Santa Art Casino. This is a golden opportunity to pick up some fabulous Christmas presents for all your loved ones, ready to go!”

Artist Line-up: Jess Albarn, Atom Gallery (various artists tbc), Charming Baker, Dan Baldwin, Christine Binnie, Jennifer Binnie, Gina Birch, Beatrice Brown, Bridgeman Editions (various artists), Robert Cooper, Paul Davis, Ian Dawson, Ben Eine, Pure Evil, Elli-Popp, Abigail Fallis, Freddie’s Flowers, Nina Fowler, Christian Furr, Frame Factory, Cate Halpin, Susie Hamilton, Emma Harvey, Marcus Harvey, Sadie Hennessey, Alice Herrick, Hi-Noon, Paul Hodgson, Jealous Gallery (various artists), James Joyce, Joseph Turnbull, Julia Maddison, Keeler Tornero, Kate Knight, The Misfortune Teller, Margo McDaid, Misha Milovanovich, Planet Patrol with: Margaux Carpentier, Polly Morgan, Chris Moon, Mr Bingo, Laura New, Camille Phoenix, Keira Rathbone, Carrie Reichardt, Euan Roberts, Anne Ryan, Geraldine Swayne, Secret Santa Art Casino, Smithson Gallery (various artists), Gavin Turk, Kristjana S Williams, Sean Worrall, X Ray Frog and….


Highlights include:

“Gavin Turk will be personalising a unique series of works just for the day at £100. Numbered tickets will be available from a ticket queue dispenser. They will be individually signed and have a Picasso Bull head drawn on each, a nod to Gavin’s work related to the minotaur, the golden thread and Greek mythology. Take a ticket from the dispenser when joining the queue, hold onto it until you get to the stall, then Gavin will draw on and sign the ticket. The ticket will then be mounted onto A3 paper and placed in an acetate sleeve and paper bag. The tickets will not be numbered as an edition, they are a unique series so he will make as many as there are a demand for on the day then end the series there”.

“The youngest artist at the Art Car Boot Fair is 11-year-old London schoolgirl Camille Phoenix. She’s now 11 years-old and has an established collector base, including chic boutique hotel group Artist Residence where her art is displayed in their new hotel in Bristol. During the ACBF Camille Phoenix has exchanged drawings with many artists including Tracey Emin and Sir Peter Blake. She loves cats, dancing and she of course drawing and painting. Her hero is Frida Kahlo. Camille will be doing live drawings on the day. Her prints start at £10 and original drawings are for sale up to £50″.

New to the Art Car Boot Fair and selling for the first time at Prêt-à-Accrocher, Art on a Postcard will present new work by Dan Baldwin. His signed, numbered, limited-edition swallow diptych will be available at the special price of £150 for the day. Who knows what Pure Evil will be up to, we do know he’ll be doing it with that slight Bond-villain grin on his face that he always has when he’s printing.

Illustrator Laura New will be selling her Creepy Christmas Cards and for that alternative Christmas message, her unique Krampus cards. From £8 per pack they all feature her own retro designs including Hell’s Angels, Frankenfrauline and Pestilent Choir Boys. Ben Eine returns to the fair with a new LONDON limited-edition print and will also be selling festive bunting created in his distinctive stencil lettering. Painter (and occasional printmaker) Emma Harvey will continue exploring her Ponies Against Patriachy with exclusive paintings and strong feminist prints, one of the new pony paintings was recently previewed at Cultivate Galleries Nothing Is Square show, despite demand it wasn’t on sale, the piece will only be sold at the Prêt-à-Accrocher on December 1st, . Julia Maddison will be embroidering tea towels in her own rather unique (and dare we say slightly gin soaked) way (I still want one of those stripey things she did last year

Islington based Frame Factory will be offering ready-made frames with mount cutting on-site, framing consultancy and will be taking orders for pre-Christmas bespoke framing. They are also offering a free frame up to £300.

Charming Baker and Jealous Gallery will be selling The Donkey Drawing, a new piece specially created for the Art Car Boot Fair that the artist will be hand finishing and signing on the day.  For this special festive event we’ll have a glittering array of art from our line-up of artists in the special Secret Santa Casino, plus a few special surprises. We’ll be wrapping them or slipping them into one of our bespoke mailers and the price on each will be a real steal. The only catch is you won’t know what you’ve got till you open it…OR you could be really brave and gift it to someone without actually opening it. A double Secret Santa!


“We guarantee that each artwork is by an ACBF artist and will be a piece that they are producing specially for the event and will be at a discounted special price for the Secret Santa Casino. Everything will be between 10-80% off even the ACBF price. Bargains guaranteed and Christmas will come early for some lucky art collector-speculators.”

I rather like the look of the Alice Herrick painterly collaged pieces, kind of fun watching the Art Car Boof Fair social media feeds in the days leading up to the event. Geraldine Swayne‘s paintings are always a highlight, as for me, I shall be exploring the both of this year’s main themes, the ongoing Fruitshop paintings and the recent Skyline studies that first emerged at this year’s Margate leg of the Art Car Boot Fair back in September, I shall combining them both with the ongoing Nothing is Square thing and a series on 20cm square canvas paintings. New fruit paintings and new Skyline paintings will be revealed at the fair and just for the fair the original one-off paintings will all be on sale for a fair friendly price of £30 each, I’m painting them now, watch the feeds  (sw)

The address for this one-off Prêt-à-Accrocher Art Car Boot Fair event is The Workskop. 26 Lambeth High Street, London, SE1 7AG, 2pm until 4.30pm. Tickets are on sale now, I do believe those with advance tickets get in first before those wanting to  pay on the day so if you have an eye on something particular then grab a ticket… .

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