ORGAN: “Don’t be silly” said Tim in a tone of disbelief, the tale of a glorious day spent behind “enemy” lines…


We can’t just put up a little news story and leave it there like we did yesterday can we? It was so so very sad, raw, but we will have to celebrate him soon, celebrate him more than ever, celebrate him again and again with dirty great smiles. There are so many stories, we sat here sharing them yesterday – remember that time at the Eight Day Itch, or that day at the Powerhaus, or that time in the pub when he had us all totally convinced about some totally tall story that absolutely no one else would ever get away with, or that time he just turned up at an Angel Cage soundcheck because he liked the band so much and he didn’t think the sound engineer at the venue would do them justice, Tim Smith cared about things like that.

Cardiacs have been such a big big part of Organ, such a big part of our lives, adventures at Fetcham Riverside or Birmngham University, or folding tape covers in the back of the van on the way to the Reading Festival that time, almost bullying Tim and getting him to let us release a Sea Nymphs single way way after it had all been put to bed and almost forgotten. Our record label ORG was on a bit of a roll at the time, we were almost in danger of being flavour of the month with some people, John Peel and such, things from Cay and My Vitriol, had we put out that Brian Jonestown Massacre single by then? Sea Nymphs, what’s the point said Tim? Just let us do it, we’ll get it on the radio, “no chance” he said,  the music media had kind of taken their toll on Tim, the godawful people at the NME and such..


Have we told this tale before? of course we have but the ready waters have been stirred yet again, we’ll tell it once more. Organ has been around, in one form or another, for very nearly thirty-five years now, (the very first issue actually came out back on December 4th 1986 if you really must know, a messy hand-made hand screen printed photocopied ball of spray paint and broken typewriter (manual) chaos. Launched out of the back of an old Army ambulance, blue light ablazing in a car park outside a Hawkwind gig. The first issue of Organ had a Cardiacs interview in it, of course it did, and it really is no secret that Cardiacs have been a constant Organ fuel source, a big reason for keeping it all flowing through the tough times, a symbiotic relationship, and a deep love for the glorious beauty of everything Cardiacs.

The tale of a glorious day spent behind “enemy” lines, in there undercove can be read here, we already recounted it back in 2016, it  remains one of the most brilliant of days, eve nif it was a little stressful at the time  –

ORGAN THING: The reedy waters have been stirred, Appealing to Venus and the tale of that John Peel session…


And then later on the shelved second album eventually came out, the is review from 2016 was a first reaction… –

ORGAN THING: Sea Nymphs On Dry Land, a first listen to the glorious new album…

There are just so many stories, his delight that time when he played a rare solo show upstairs at the Garage for us and all the rats, seemingly hundreds of them – the rats were running around in the roof above the stage during sound check, “cor, brilliant” he said and just stood there watching them above his head as the sound man, Dave, tried to get him to sort out his guitar, he was really bothered a loud guitar would scare the rats, he was really hoping they’d stay there for the gig . Tim Smith was brilliant to know, wonderful to work with, to put our records for. it was worth releasing records just for the quiet time after we’d done the mastering, afterwards in the pub talking about all kinds of things for hours. There are so many stories, it was brilliant, he was. We might jsuy have ot tell some more in a day or two..

STOP PRESS: And I did just read this, from Jamie Kelsey Fry, “This song catches something of thebeautiful wretched golden soul of Tim Smith. When we got this tape, we sat in the car at dawn and played it for the first time and cried from beginning to end and didn’t really know why”. We did take all night to finish and finally walk away at dawn, one grat big hug  and they all went off in their car, we set out to find a night bus from Maida Vale with our copy of the tape and a warm warm glow, this Organ thing has kind of been worth doing…



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