ORGAN THING: Traams return with their first new, or dare we say Neu material in five years, listen to the ten excellent minutes of The Greyhound here…


Organ Thing of the Day – How about some motorik goodness well you, me and the pigeons melting in the goddamn sun, this very Hawkwind sounding Neu flavoured slice of earfood is apparently the first Traams material in five years. Way too hot to be standing here typing over a hot computer today, here’s the piece of music, herea link for more, the press release and all the usual record company hype is under the video there and well, there’s only one course of action, how much more Hawk could it be, the answer is none, none more Hawk, it is rather good though, excellent actually, is there a hint of Gary Numan in there? This is good, we need the new and greyhounds are cool and thie legs are long, go rescue one and let it use your floor… The spot-on animation is by Stewart Armstrong, artists should always get  the credit due…


“TRAAMS have always wrestled with category and that isn’t something that has changed during an absence where their influence on others has grown audibly. Part motorik drum beats, part discordant guitars, pop melodies and hypnotic bass lines. All are present in a collection of three new tracks set to be released over the coming months. Collaborating with friends and new instrumentation, each track is different from the last, but all sound like the inimitable TRAAMS. Written and recorded over a brief hiatus following the standalone track ‘A House on Fire’ in 2016, first track ‘The Greyhound’, released on long-term label Fat Cat, is a near ten minute kaleidoscopic odyssey of sounds, and sees the band expanding further than ever. The single’s accompanying video also ends with a link to Greyhound and Lurcher Rescue charity – more info can be found here

Recorded in Brighton with Theo Verney, and featuring Lewis Evans (Black Country, New Road) on saxophone, the track builds from the offset into a hypnotic, driving, post-rock blow out. Themes ruminate of repetition, life cycles, pursuing one’s path, growth & education, fulfilment and closure.After inspiring a wave of new artists, TRAAMS return is perfectly timed with the band returning as vital and vibrant as ever”.

Right, we’re out of here, way t ohot t obe here serving up new music for you….


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