ORGAN THING: A video of the Peter Prendergast exhibition that should have been…

Organ Thing of The Day? Well we are kind of repeating ourselves but then you could say nothing wrong with a touch of repetition – you might even say in a booming Welsh voice “do it again”. The reason for the this repeating of things is a video now posted of what was to be this January’s Peter Prendergast exhbition at Messium’s. Now the video is kind of presented from the ponit of view of an art dealer and it does maybe focus a little too much on the framing and such (beautifully framed it has to be said) but it is worth a bit time and well you do get t osee some of those wonderful pencil and charcoal studies of the North Wales landscape, you can et a feel f the energy and movement of both the artist and the landscape. And yes, we are repeating and we make no appology for doing so.

Peter Prendergast – painting detail.

– We were really looking forward to this one, it was scheduled to physically open on January 6th, it didn’t of coutse, although you can see some pieces in the gallery window at the moment. You can view the drawings and paintrings here and well, as we said late last yearwhen we posted a preview piece, there’s a beautiful energy to a Peter Prendergast drawing and especially to a Peter Prendergast painting (I almost said big painting but they’re all big really even the smallest ones). He said so so much with every mark he made, with that sometimes almost violent way he made those marks. No, it wasn’t violence, it was commitment, a commitment to the mark. His commitment to both the painting and to an ever changing Welsh landscape that he really did paint so so wonderfully…. read on

I was genuinely excited about this show, I’m as excited about standing in front of those paintings as I would be about standing in front of a stage waiting for one of my favourite bands to come on, I don’t see why art shouldn’t ignite as much passion in a viewer as an exciting rock band can, why we don’t treat artists like rock starts, who would Peter Prendergast be? Peter Hammill? Neil Young? Patti Smith? Joe Strummer? I was wait to see this show, I wanted to drag people along, hey, come see this band, hey come see this painter’s work, come see it in the flesh, see the marks, the textures, the way the colour moves, come to this and share it with me, come stand in the pit with me and feel it, get down the front, come to the Tracey Emin show and hear that scream, come see Marton Nemes at Fold. Art excites, painting excites. don’t tell me covid is going to rob us again, I really need to see this show…. (sw)

ORGAN PREVIEW: A rare London show for painter Peter Prendergast and his vitally vigorous style, this is indeed exciting news…

The work that should hace been there to see in the gallery can be explored via the gallery website at Messum’s Gallery

.”With unlimited access to the Artist’s Estate this very special exhibition presents the first reappraisal of Peter Prendergast’s oeuvre since his death in 2007, confirming his important position within the development of modern British art and presenting a major opportunity for collectors with an interest in this period. The short film includes commentary from David Messum who worked with the artist during his lifetime. The exhibition is accompanied by a fully illustrated catalogue with foreward by author and curator David Boyd Haycock and includes commentary from the artist’s family, for more information visit

With thank to Cheska Hill-Wood for the photos of the gallery window

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