ORGAN THING: After yesterday’s triumph, entry to the on-line Flora and Fauna edition of the Art Car Boot Fair is free to all this Sunday and Monday. Here’s a pick of the art you can find there…

Start Rumaging

Day two of the three day of the beautiful weekend thing that is the Flora and Fauna on-line edition of the Art Car Boot Fair. The fair opened yesterday for those who had bought ticket, from Ten O’clock this morning (UK time) entry is free to all, just head to the site and explore away – Today being Sunday 16th May. The Fair is open, on-line until 8pm on Monday evening, you find it all at What you get is around 200 invited artists and galleries selling a whole range of exciting paintings, prints and lots more besides, price ranging from £5 to around a couple of thousand, lots of original pieces of art and limited edition prints made just for the fair, one off paintings priced around the £50 to £100 mark, something for most pockets if you go and search the big menu of artists (and yes I should declare my own involvement here, I am one of the invited artist, more damn blowing of my own trumpet). What you got yesterday was lots of art on sale lots of events, live broadcasts from artist’s studios and  lots more, what you also got was lots of bargains. And you are mostly buying direct from the artists so lots of deals to be had. True, quite a few print runs and paintings did sell to those who bought tickets and got first pick yesterday but there is lots still to be had

There’s a big artist menu, just click on a name (yeap, there’s me)


One big tip for you, when you see an item marked “Out of stock”, do go back and check later, from what we saw yesterday, it will often mean that a potential buyer is holding the piece in his or her basket while searching around, quite often that item will reappear as in stock again on an artist’s page, one of my paintings was marked “out of stock” six or seven times yesterday before it was actually sold so do keep checking back, you never know.

Artists are adding things all the time so do keep watching or going back and I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two prices dropped on Monday afternoon as things started to come to an end, do keep watching or watch the Art Car Boot Fair instagram feed for updates of things happening.

Pure Evil in action live on-line at the fair yesterday

Go explore, there’s lots to see, searching around is fun, there’s lots, it will take time, here’s a selection of some of the things that caught our eye as well as a taste or two of people’s page, not a “best of” mind you, there’s so much up there that it really is impossible to select a best of , that’s the fun of the fair, it really is impossible to choose.  And yes, it is running smoothly on-line this time around, it all felt very good yesterday, I think both artists, hosts and art collectors were happy about it all, go have a look, entry is free from 10am this morning….   (sw)

you find it all at

Do please click on an images to enlarge or t orun the slide show and get a small taste of a very big fait

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