ORGAN THING: Welsh anarcho punks Icons Of Filth are back with a positively powerful new album…

Icons of Filth,  have just released a new eight-song album Plight on the independent punk label Grow Your Own Records. And we’re pleased to report that the album is eight slices of everything you’d expect from the born again oldschool hardcore anarcho-punk band. Far too many time whe na much loved band reforms you kind of wish they  hadn’t, not the case here, there’s no sign of a compromise or a mellowing with age (no acoustic pop songs here), they’re thrashing and crashing away just like you’d want them to, they’re somewhere near planet metal but never ever landing on that planet, this is still no mess hardcore proper old school punk rock. People are indeed real and the Icons go on in just the right way, you get the idea that somewhere there a smile of Approval from frontman Stig, been some seventeen years since he passed away shortly after playing a squat gig here in Hackney, so I kind of like that the our bunker door is open wide and this is blasting out over E8 this summer morning.

The band reformed to play some gigs to remember Stig back in 2014 and apparently decided to carry on, they have actually been around in one for or another since the glories early 80s days of dodgy photocopied flyers zines and cassette tapes, as the band put it on their own website – “Icons of Filth are a Welsh anarcho-punk band that were formed in 1979. The issues the band promote through their lyrics include animal rights, anarchism, environmentalism, anti war, vegetarianism, veganism, antiglobalisation, feminism, and the negative effects of organised religion”.

“The Plight 10” is the first release from the Icons of Filth since 2002. Following the death of Stig in 2004 the Icons of Filth disbanded. In 2014 after an anniversary concert to mark Stig’s death the band decided to reform. Undoubtedly different and forever changed but new and evolved.  We want to continue to play the old songs that everyone in the band helped create. We believe that they still deserve to be played and heard in a live environment. Coming together with a new line up has allowed a fresh wave of creativity and so we are really pleased to have got to the position where we can release a new record and we hope people like it. We know not everyone will agree with our decision to create new music. We know who we want to offend and it isn’t those people. We still have tunes to write and things to say. Peace out. MONEY FLOWS, from Plight”:

Hey look, this is 2021, everything is just a click of a mouse away, you don’t need our review, you do know we wouldn’t be covering ir if it wasn’t any good, he it is on Bandcamp with all the details you need. In all honestly I don’t know who’s singing, maybe they want it that way, whoever or whatever it is, is all sounds right to us, here it is…


And we should point out that this news came our way today via the ever good Hippies Now Wear Black blog, the go to place for all your anarcho punk needs

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