ORGAN THING: The first four Cheer Accident albums remastered at long long last…

“For the first time ever, all four of our albums from the first half of the ‘90s have been properly mastered, so now you can hear how they were properly recorded (three by Steve Albini, one by Phil Bonnet). They are: Dumb Ask, Babies Shouldn’t Smoke, The Why Album and Not A Food. Mastered by the master masterer, Todd Rittmann, just in time for the final Bandcamp Friday”.

We’ve been doing this thankless Organ thing so damn long that this first Cheer Accident album, Dumb Ask, from the early 90’s was reviewed when it originally came out (a track from it was also played on our very first radio show on Resonance FM). it came out on Neat here in the UK, an attempt to relaunch that once highly respected label. Neat was all about the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and bands like Fist, Raven and those Tygers of Pan Tang, so Cheer Accident being on the label seemed rather strange at the time, it always felt like Neat hadn’t got a clue what the band were about or what they had on their hands, it was mastered awfully, I can’t recall what we said at the time, I know we liked it and yes very much an alt.rock thing…

“This is CHEER-ACCIDENT at their most stripped-down and aggressive. Recorded in November ‘89 (in Steve Albini’s charmed basement studio), before Nirvana’s Nevermind and Slint’s Spiderland, Dumb Ask serves as a vital historical document, placing CHEER-ACCIDENT in a sort of “alternative to the alternative” parallel universe which existed concurrently to the more “above ground” bands of the early ‘90’s”. it kind of hints at things to come without really given us any real clear signals. This remastered Filet Of Nod that ends the album, a piece that now lasts eight minuted and twenty-seven seconds in a recorded state and that we know can go on for hours in a live state, was far more cut off on the original  

Actually seeing as Bandcamp Friday is flying buy we should quit with the wordery and just tell you the first four Cheer Accident albums are at last mastered properly and available right now (Bandcamp Friday is where Bandcamp wave their cut and the bands and/or labels get 100% of the money you spend. What you basically need ot know is that all four albums well and truly stand up and well, go here and hear for yourself.

Here;s all four albums, but really if you don’t know, you should probably start of with their latest album via this useful link – ORGAN THING: Cheer Accident’s new album – oh look, if you already know then you know, if you don’t then you really should. Here Comes The Sunset cranks up the prog and a whole lot more (again)




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