ORGAN: This week’s Other Rock Show and Ou and High Castle Teleorkestra and Black Midi and Vangelis and lots more, listen to it here…

Monday Monday, last night’s ‘ors for you to ride on, starting the show with the beauty of Vangelis (R.I.P), and well why not? Then some Ou, a Chinese band with something properly progressive to offer, followed by High Castle Teleorkestra, “an experimental group from Anywhere. A multi-continent, all-star remote ensemble for the new normal”. This is how the Other Rock Show rolls, 9pm every Sunday night, Resonance 104.4FM here in London, on line wherever you are via or if you missed it, any time you like via Mixcloud. There goes sometihng new from Black Midi and this is a band from London called…. okay, so I wrote that bit on Monday and it is now Wednesday morning and too many things to do and too many artists to herd now and well, on it goes…



Resonance is a trail-blazing, not-for-profit radio station dedicated to the arts and culture. From its launch in 2002, its award-winning programming has given voice to the vibrant diversity of London’s thriving arts and music scenes. Resonance’s pool of creatives speaks directly and expressively to an engaged and passionate audience, locally, nationally and internationally. Our 24/7 broadcast service combines its FM signal in the City with DAB digital radio coverage across Greater London.

Marina Organ presents an hour of music each week via Resonance FM, music that uses unconventional structures and ‘other’ time signatures – gathered from the worldwide undergrounds of math rock, avant prog, weird electronica and strange pop. This week: music from Danny Elfman, Chancer, Cardiacs, Don Pie Pie, Nick Prol and the Proletarians, Army of Moths, the Assdroids, Thinking Plague, Gosta Berlings Saga, and a preview of the forthcoming new album from Black Country New Road. Follow the playlist on Twitter @OtherRockShow. Visit for more information. [Repeated Thursday 8am.]

And talking of Vangelis

2 thoughts on “ORGAN: This week’s Other Rock Show and Ou and High Castle Teleorkestra and Black Midi and Vangelis and lots more, listen to it here…

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