ORGAN THING: Another slice of that rather full-bodied Historically F*cked album that album that’s about to come out. Seriously proper avant art rock earfood, grab a first listen to Twelve Stool Dad right here…

Organ Thing of The Day today, a slice of experimental goodness, a slightly different look at things, different is good when different really is good, this is good. “‘Twelve-Stool Dad’ is taken from Historically F*cked’s new album ‘The Mule Peasants’ Revolt of 12,067′, out Feb 3rd on Upset The Rhythm”.

We did already review the album back at the end of last year, I’d actually argue they know where all the bits go, or at least the natural flow has some kind of structured subliminal form, an actual skeleton if you like, well maybe not but that’s the way I hear it. They don’t hold back, this is real commitment, full-bodied, no half measures, proper art rock if you will. – Who are Historically F*cked? Someone said something about carrots and a head of broccoli? Not just an art rock avant noisebag of badgers though, there’s lots to hang onto here…

Today we’re revealing exclusively as it were, another piece from the forthcoming album, here it is, Twelve-Stool Dad..

Album pre-order details


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