Wendy Macmillan -Union Jack

Wendy Macmillan -Union Jack

ORGAN THING(S) OF THE DAY, January 11th – Some Degenerate art, some Bunnymen doing things and Wendy Macmillan’s Union Jack in nails…

What are the Degenerate Art Ensemble doing these days? We’ve not visited their world in terns of Organ for quite some time. Their albums have enjoyed Organ coverage in the past, radio play, reviews and such. DEA’s world is not easily explained, at times that appear to be a band, an orchestra, a theatre group, a mix of all those things, a proper collective of serious composers, dancers, performers, artists… The Seattle collective explain this in their own words just down there, their world is always worth keeping an eye or ear on….

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“Degenerate Art Ensemble is a performance company that creates original and adventurous productions using live music, physical theater and the visceral language of Butoh dance. Audio elements include live foley art, orchestras/Chamber ensembles, bands, newly invented instruments, and electronics. Their creative approach is intensely collaborative and is in a constant state of invention and re-invention. Aesthetically extreme, influenced by punk, protest, cartoons, nightmares and fairy tales, DAE takes the viewer into otherworldly landscapes — full of compelling characters and music that doesn’t just accompany the action, but defines the mental state and reveals secrets to the audience that the characters will never know. DAE’s work is a tightly wound mechanism made up of triggers and cues that when released on stage aims to achieve a heightened sense of awareness one might find in a sacrificial rite. DAE has been presented by On The Boards (Seattle), REDCAT (L.A.), New Museum (N.Y.), Festival Alternativa (Prague), T.F.F. Festival (Germany) and many others in ten countries of Europe and North America”.


POLTERGEIST are an instrumental dynamic power trio featuring original Echo & the Bunnymen members Will Sergeant on guitar, Les Pattinson on bass, and also Nick Kilroe on drums.

“We create a form of rock music with its toes paddling in the progressive ocean foam of the sixties and seventies and its head in the bone dry air of the present day” said Sergeant. “We want to try and get away from the traditional band format of the line across the stage. There are 12 notes in a scale and we intend to use most of them.”

Poltergeist are heading out on the road in March 2013.


Wendy Macmillan -Union Jack

Wendy Macmillan -Union Jack

Wendy Macmillan‘s Union Jack made of nails that hang in such an inviting way, currently on show as  part of her new show of work that opened at the HOUSE OF VOSTROVSKA gallery, Vyner Street, East London, last night…. Several piece of Macmillan’s work can be seen in the gallery until February 3rd. “The show will be an exploration of collage as a medium in which to investigate notions of the self”

More tomorro (maybe)….

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