ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: London Street artist ALO and a twitch of The Duck and Roger the Horse

alo_signatureThings? ALO…. I like Alo, I like his bold colour, his shapes, his artistic commitment, his streetwise Basquiat-flavoured style and his need to really be out there just doing it. Last week the London-based Italian street artist was invited to paint an East London Wall in his rather distinctive way. Twelve hours of hard work later, here’s how that wall in Great Eastern Street looks…. Here;s some ALO, he’s the Thing Of The Day .



ALO's yellow creativity at Cultivate

ALO’s yellow creativity at Cultivate

Meanwhile.  Cardiacs flavoured orchestral going off and things from over there in the USA where they are learning more and more ot celebrate the finest of English bands. Here’s something called Rhapsody For The Duck and Roger The Horse by English Rose Orchestrations


“A string orchestral rhapsody on themes from Cardiacs’ “The Duck And Roger The Horse”, a track originally composed by Tim Smith. Every penny made from this track will go straight into an account for Tim’s benefit, as he has been recovering from a stroke. The man is a musical genius and Cardiacs are legends”.

Released May 2013
Richie English: composer, Justin Rose: producer/engineer/mixer. Tim Smith: composer of musical themes this piece is based uponGretchen Fisher: violin I, Claire Fisher: violin II, Kiersten Fisher: viola, Katie Weissman: cello  plus Alex Pulec: guitar  and Mike Carroll: guitar
Hear the original CARDIACS version further down this very page….First, some more ALO…..
ALO - Hackney, canal bank, East  London

ALO – Hackney, canal bank, East London

Cardiacs – The Duck and Roger the Horse

Cardiacs – As Cold As Can Be In An English Sea rehearsal.


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