ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: THE LAZE, a bagload of DEATHBOMB earfood and a SIXONESIX sign…

The Laze

The Laze

THING? We haven’t mentioned THE LAZE for quite some time, proper meaty gritty English prog adventure from the North West, none of your tediously safe neo-nonsense, this is your Porcupine Tree antidote, wake up, smell the Spacetime Fabric Conditioner  The Laze have been a little quiet in recent  times,  we see they’re in action up in the off yer perch wastelands of Liverpool   whoooo, there goes a nice big fat nursery cryme of a riff

“We support Loved Ones in a church in Liverpool on Saturday, now with added Nadine Carina Music & Outfit DJs. We be burning that sucker up, Norwegian stylee, get yo corpse paint on bitches..  ” is w hat they have to say,

Here’s the album


So who are LovedOnes? Here’s the Soundcloud, here’s the Facebook, here’s a track, let your fingers do the walking…


deathbombsingleMeanwhile over in the land of Deathbomb

“Hello Deathbomb Friends! In year one of our Digital Singles Series we dropped some of the first tracks ever from both Death Grips and clipping. Now that we’ve added the 2nd year of this subscription series to our bandcamp, there are even more amazing acts to discover. Of course, also a bunch of awesome bands that you probably know already, like AIDS Wolf and Dustin Wong. But what about acts like Stupid Future which features members of Foot Village, Male Bonding, PRE, & tik///tik? We got a 12″ coming out by them down the road a bit, so why not be ahead of the curve and get down with these first two tracks.  Just like with the first year of our digital series (part 1 / part 2), all the tracks for year 2 can be downloaded for free individually. Or, if you want the convenience of grabbing them all at once, you can do so for a small fee. Regardless of your more abundant resource, time or money, we got you. If you want to really be up on things, also be sure to become a subscriber to the 3rd year of our digital series currently underway. More info on that here.  Enjoy the music! Love, Brian & Leroy”

over here we love this one from DUSTIN WONG, but then we pretty much love everything Deathbomb get involved in….


Here’s another piece of SIXONESIX that we have on sale at Cultivate at the moment (£61.60)



Have a  classic slice of 1972, we’re out of here….

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