julias_fleshTHING OF THE (very hot sticky) DAY….. Way way (way) too hot and sticky, too hot for a thing of the day, hotter than hell, hotter than that thing over there, Hot was not one of Julia’s words this week,. well as far as we know.  The word this week was Lust, or was it Flesh? Both words are on the walls of Cultivate eight now, words are good things, words taped closed so mouths are quiet, words…  Far too hot for words, way too hot, here’s some music…

‘Gyroscope’ is the first single to be taken from Jack Cheshire’s third album ‘Long Mind Hotel’, the album is due for a 2nd September release, the single is released tomorrow, July 22nd, on Gun 20 Records,

Jack Cheshire – Gyroscope from Black Revolver Films on Vimeo.

Jack Cheshire on Soundcloud

pinkstreet1There’s the pink streets of East London on a Saturday night, no words of explanation needed. meanwhile, on Monday night, MONSTERS BUILD MEAN ROBOTS, and the rather mellow post-rock experience that is CODES IN THE CLOUDS play on as four band bill at a free entry gig at East London’s OLD BLUE LAST alongside of DEGREE OF ARC and maybe the most interesting of all, opening band HE WAS EATEN BY OWLS 

He Was Eaten By Owls are a guitar and drum duo, blending post/math-rock with classical, jazz and world music. Accompanied by a small string and horn ensemble”,





London artist JULIA MADDISON‘s word of this weekend was,,,,,

Julia Maddison - Lust

Julia Maddison – Lust


And finally THAT F**KING TANK have let loose a first taste of their forthcoming album  A Document of The Last Set. The album is due out later this year on Gringo, here’s that first taste….

That F**king Tank – Making a Meal for Beethoven

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