fodzillaredWhere were we? Don’t ask me, I was half way down the street when the red paint hit the cobbles and the insects started to run at various ankles, toes, and passing self-confessed art snobs afflicted with the tunnel vision known as the Wilkinson stare, not for them the race to the Mint 400, the curiosity of a the cat and all that looking in just in case kind of stuff, never mind the bats or the Mint 400 or any other gonzoid notion of where art might be or where anyone might have been (yet again) for this nice person has uploaded loads of Peel sessions to YouTube using the original masters.  Which one will you play first, had to be The POP GROUP around these parts, with a mental note to head for those CRAVATS next and, oh look, BRATMOBILE sessions and put in your best medical gloves, there’s a healthy mess to be made. I miss John Peel, Dr Gonzo and I miss the Thing of the Day, why do I have to do it? I got old taxi chairs to paint, letter As to deal with, that and battle the Tower Hamlets art police, the forces of apathy and the enough of this, here’s some old music, down there, there’s some new music, things of the day and things like that….

Alas, no AC/DC session, tasty version of Soul stripper here though

z_aaaa1Enough of this living in the past, here’s another taste of one of the finest bands making music in this green and pleasant land of ours right now. This new video from GODZILLA BLACK is a track from their glorious new album The Great Terror. This track, The Blue Music, featuring guest vocals from Suki Osman, it isn’t typical of the never typical, never obvious, always challenging London band. Godzilla Black really are one of the very few bands in this filthy city of ours wanting do something a little more than re-hashing something you already heard being done better five years ago or ten years ago or fifteen years ago (probably via a John Peel session). Enough of this word typing nonsense, go explore Godzilla Black….

This is more typical in an untypical kind of way….

The whole album is here…

blank3 Enough for today, more of this tomorrow, maybe. Anyone want a slightly used taxi chair?

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