ORGAN THING OF THE DAY – A new single from The Correspondents, the animation and such of singer Ian Bruce ahead of the London band’s March release of their debut album Puppet Loosely Strung…




The Correspondents have finally unleashed their much anticipated video for their new single, ‘Alarm Call‘. Featuring a sensational series of oil portraits by frontman Mr. Bruce, the video uses time-lapse techniques to depict the moving story of two men growing up alongside one another over 20 years. The video and single have been created to raise awareness and funds for the Epilepsy Society. The single is released 3rd February.


Music by The Correspondents
Animation by Ian Bruce




IAN BRUCE -  Phone Drawing. 11/06/12. The Lift. (touch screen pen on iPhone)

IAN BRUCE – Phone Drawing. 11/06/12. The Lift. (touch screen pen on iPhone)


The Correspondents consist of a singer by the name of Mr Bruce and a producer called Chucks. Both growing up in South London, they formed in 2007 and within two years had taken their hi-octane genre-blending dance music from house parties to festival main stages.

corr_logoThe show that quickly established the duo has one of the best live acts in the UK has Mr Bruce assuming the look of a monochrome matador, singing with force, scatting at speed and dancing like his life depends on it while Chucks takes the audience on a journey through a multitude of genres from jazz and blues to electro and drum’n’bass.

For the last six years they have toured relentlessly. They have travelled the world bringing their unique live show to crowds as large as 12,000 earning themselves Telegraph’s ‘Top Ten Glastonbury Highlights’ two years in a row. And yet, in this time they have only released one EP called ‘What’s Happened to Soho?’, but an album is due in March 2014.

This lack of releasing is not for a lack of making music. Their live sets are constantly evolving with regular insertions of new tracks. However it was not until they took an unexpected break from touring (when Mr Bruce broke a bone in his foot) that they spent a considerable chunk of time in the studio making a body of work they were happy with. Self produced, recorded and released, their long-awaited album ‘Puppet Loosely Strung’ features tracks that are synonymous with their trademark sound of unique, genre-mashing alternative pop proclaiming the highs and lows of love and lust. But this release will also reveal a more introspective side of the pair with delicately produced songs that investigate personal loss.

In the lead up to the album’s release The Correspondents have become renowned for their music videos that are consistently unique in style and pioneering in technique. ‘Well Measured Vice’ was brought to life by Mr Bruce’s own animation consisting of 2,304 individually hand-drawn frames. The video for ‘Fear and Delight’ was made using a ‘composite camera’ technique by visionary film-maker Naren Wilks, allowing numerous versions of Mr Bruce to dance kaleidoscopically in the same space. And the visuals for the heartwrenching ballad, ‘Alarm Call’, were produced once again by the frontman, using time lapse and stop motion techniques to chart the lives of two characters over a 21 year period through a series of layered oil portraits. The latter was made to raise awareness and funds for The Epilepsy Society.

The Correspondents are at an exciting point in their career where years worth of worldwide touring, musical experimentation and video production have come together with the release of their debut album.


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