ORGAN THINGS OF… PURE EVIL on a wall, a taste of EXIT INTERNATIONAL and C215 at Stolen Space…

Thing of the day…. Things things things

PURE EVIL has been paint on a wall “Keith Haring’s Nightmare – today’s street art”



Here some earfood, a band who haven’t decided if they’re from Cardiff or Brighton, have a listen then explore EXIT INTERNATIONAL, they have an album on the way in March, some of them were once in Midasuno, a band who featured on an Organ page or  two as well as one of those Organ Radi ocomilation albums back there



You can catch a C215 show next week in London,  details down there under the photo…


‘Back To Black’ By C215
Open an Thursday 6th Feb and then 7th.Feb to  – 2nd March…

To ring in the New Year at StolenSpace, we are excited to present an exhibition which refocuses on the grounding principles of street art: the stark, simple yet effective power of the black stencilled image which has come to inspire a movement worldwide.

StolenSpace proudly announces our inaugural solo exhibition with French stencil artist, Christian Guemy, more commonly known on the streets as C215.

For this show titled, ‘Back to Black,’ C215 has drawn inspiration from the streets of London, a city which he refers to as ‘an addiction’ and ‘a magnet’ to street artists of the world over. The work he has produced seeks to reflect upon the experiences he has been met with on his excursions in London, a city he has worked with more so than any other in the European Union. In this body of work, C215 goes back to the basics, the very roots of stencil art by eliminating color from his palate and focusing on the contrast within his black subjects. Spray painted on his usual array of foraged materials, these artworks are presented on recycled objects such as folders, luggage and tins. As an exception in his career, C215 has prepared a very limited number of new works on canvas to be sold exclusively at StolenSpace.

And talking of the stark black an d white  back to basics, BEN NAZ is one of the guest artists at Cultivate Evolved for the next  two weeks…



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