ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Fashion is Fake….

Fashion is Fake, Chinese Open, Q*Park, Soho. Feb 2014

Fashion is Fake, Chinese Open, Q*Park, Soho. Feb 2014

ORGAN THING OF THE DAY – Fashion is Fake…


We were rather intrigued by those stark black and white statements about fashion being imperialism, being fake,  being….  And then this press release dropped in to the Organ in box,. 

Fashion is fake is a project by artist and women’s wear designer: Samia Malik

“Fashion is fake project started as an organic progression from activism related to ethical trade in the fashion industry, which also branched out into questioning general aesthetics of the fashion industry. Since 2006 I carried out a vast amount of research investigating ethical standards in fashion, this research included: endless emails, long phone calls, directly confronting nearly every high street fashion shop, and most of the high end designer labels. This led on to conversations with well known charities (that I will not name). Many of these conversations with charities were about; taking hands on proactive action, to eradicate unethical trade in fashion. Unfortunately conversations with charities ended up redundant, due to charities lack of attention to detail, and reluctant attitude to support hands on ideas. Many charities raising money dealing with unethical trade, do not get me wrong have good intentions. But it must be questioned; is money raised being used effectively enough instead of lobbying against stubborn, stagnant imperial governmental conducts.

fash_fakecotBetween 2006 and 2010 I went, left, right and center in search of any honesty or sincerity from the fashion industry and support from charities. There was no cohesive, constructive, viable support or answers. In 2010, I finally gained funding to start DIY clothes making workshops. Which was a small step towards change, but not enough to tackle the mass manipulation of fashion. Last fashion collection I designed and made in 2011, I subtitled it Fashion Is Fake. Since then Fashion is Fake project has developed into artwork, street art, performances in public areas, and art show performances.

Fashion is fake exhibition starting in February 2014, at Indra and Samia Gallery, art show presents an amalgamated documentation, artwork of Fashion Is Fake project so far and DIY clothes making workshops. This exhibition also invites other artists, to be confirmed soon. To see updates please visit this link”   (Samia Malik)

The event runs until May 2014 at  INDRA AND SAMIA GALLERY, 18 Henruques Street, London, E1 1NR (just off Commercial  Road)

FASHION IS FAKE, a project by artist and women’s wear designer: Samia Malik. Artwork collaboration with artist and curator Vanya Balogh. with model and activist: Lucy Cates.

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