Thing of the day? Yer having a giraffe ain’t yer? More Guerilla Toss, we need more Guerilla Toss!

Thing of the day? yer having a giraffe ain’t yer?



They’re spray paint and acrylics on felt (so say Quiet British Accent) and will be up on the wall at Cultivate, Vyner Street, London E2 9HE, from 20th March until 15th April. The gallery is open Thurs-Sun 11.30-6pm. (6 photos)

More Guerilla Toss, we need more Guerilla Toss! Who the hell are Guerilla Toss?

Have some SPANYURD while we’re here

Spanyard are a “screechy triangle”, they say “It started with 2 and somehow became 3. Added a fourth somewhere. Back to 3 after a sad phone call. Went on vacation, picked up a tourist and back to 4. Tourist lost work visa and it was back to 3 again. Wrote sad entries in a journal. While on a zoo visit we stumbled upon a sad bird. The bird spoke … it’s an act of God! Bird fell asleep and hurt its foot proving once and for all that God is a gimp of sorts. 3 seems like the number now but we always double-check”. They’re from somewhere over there is the USA….
Meanwhile over in the land of Anonymous Dogs . wherever that?  FLORIDA EQUALS DEATH.
Enough for today, more of this tomorrow, maybe….. until then

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