ORGAN THING: Two short run London art shows, SUNLESS in the south, BENJAMIN MURPHY in the East



Sunless opened last night at the rather large Bermonsey Project over in South London.  A group show curated by London artist Matthew Tudor...

Artists : Julia Maddison, Julie Ann Steward, Katrine Storebo, Paula Lucido. Tariq Muhammady, Susannah King, Philip Weiner, Mathew Tudor, Katherine Meynell, Phoebe Davenport, Jillian Knipe, Cate Halpin, Alberto Condotta,Claire Palmer, Laura Fishman, Anna Lytridou, Sean Worrall, Matthew Randle, Elina Jokipii and Sandra Beccarelli.

“A collaborative exhibition inspired by Chris Marker’s essay film Sans Soleil(1983) and the experimental short film La Jetee(1962). The work is a mixture of Film, Painting, instillation and Sculpture which is influenced by the theme of memory and how these (seemingly) precious moments can be altered or distorted over time, gradually eroding our sense of self and place. World histories separated (only) by distance are constantly being rewritten, and as a consequence our own personal histories become unreliable”.

Opening times; 12:00 – 18.00 pm. From Saturday 12th April until Monday the 16th at Bermonsey Project over in South London.

BENJAMIN MURPHY - Seven years of Sketch Books

BENJAMIN MURPHY – Seven years of Sketch Books

Meanwhile, a 48 bus ride away in East London, Benjamin Murphy’s Seven Years of Sketch Books show opened at the Hoxton Gallery….

Never before seen by the public, Benjamin Murphy’s sketchbooks will be cut up and displayed on the walls of Hoxton Gallery.  Expect to see; preparatory sketches for tapedrawings, drawings that were plans for tapedrawings that never happened, drawing of old friends, coffee stains, electrical tape, doodles, nonsensical scribblings, lists. Et cetera” 

The best sketchbooks are very personal, very private, deliciously raw things, we might have expecting a little more of the rawness revealed tonight, a few more of the secrets an artist’s sketch book can so often hold – this felt a little too selective, a little too “finished” and like we really weren’t let that far in.  A naive exposure, an interesting exposure never-the-less, a show that reveals maybe far too much about the artist while at the same time not really revealing anything that we didn’t already know (or suspect) from previous gallery encounters, street encounters (and social media outbursts) with the rather industrious Benjamin Murphy… The development around the room is intriguing, the comic book style and illustrative nature revealing itself over the seven years of the still relatively young artist. It is indeed a brave thing to do, some might say you need an ego to do it, but then putting something on a  wall and kind of saying “look at me” is always going to be in some way, especially when the artist is male and not afraid to put himself our there, about ego, opening your sketchbook certainly is…  The show can’t be seen as a total triumph, but it is an interesting look at an artist who is emerging as an interesting figure….  Couple of pieces from a guest or two on the wall as well, but this really is all about Benjamin Murphy this time, and yes, despite a reservation or two, it is well worth you dropping in and exploring. Dreat place to see the works as well, really like the warmth of this gallery, Benjamin Murphy’s bold black and white style works well in the space, he has an energy we like….   (SW)

SEVEN YEARS OF SKETCH BOOKS runs until April 16th at the Hoxton Gallery….

An album from the two shows, click on the (random order) images to enlarge or run the slide show….

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