THING: London solo show for German street artist KEF, BENJAMIN JENSEN back at Cultivate…

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“German street artist KEF! is well-known for his immersive works using fluid patterns and hypnotic line drawings, that seem to almost leap off the surface of the wall or a canvas in a gallery.   KEF!, 24, has taken his harmonic vision all over the world, and Embraced now sees him exhibiting at the Genesis Cinema in Stepney Green (East London). This mixed-media show is the first solo show for KEF! in London and it will be spectacularly kicked off with live painting in the cinema’s gallery space on Saturday 17th May from 7pm.
Having previously exhibited his work in Berlin, Düsseldorf and Tel Aviv, KEF! has now established himself in London as one of the capital’s most exciting street artists”.

Embraced runs in the Black and White Space at the Genesis Cinema from 17th May until 16th June 2014. Viewing is free and open to the public daily from 9am till 11pm..



Meanwhile London’s BENJAMIN JENSEN will be showing more of his work as a guest artist at Cultivate for two weeks in June 

BENJAMIN JENSEN - Raw MeatI’ve been making art work for as long as I can remember but I’d say I honed my skills during my teens while involved in punk, hardcore and local skate scene of the late 90’s early 2000’s. Most of this work was stuck-up/ripped-up, torn down and thrown away as flyers, zines and demo tape art work. This work, with an ‘urban’ element, involved cut ‘n’ paste, cartoons, skateboard decks, tipex, diy culture, scamming photocopiers and flyering missions. Certain elements from this period still remain in my work today with bold graphics and a collage type feel to the compositions. But (to make a musical allegory) if the inky, cut up, creative energy of my early work reflected punk rock, my current work reflects a ‘Doors’ tone with a deep bluesy narrative washed down with an acidic psychedelic touch.



Currently I’m working with acrylic and spray paint on salvaged wood from skips and pallets from work yards I also use canvass and board to paint on too and introduce a bit of mixed media. My paintings have ultimately been undefined by genre. They’re raw and uncompromised paintings inspired by music, films, cartoons, books, travel and personal memories. I like to embrace a communicational breakdown where quirky characters, animals, old stickers and random objects can inhabit the same space as more traditionally painted scenes that fade in and out like memories. Colours and patterns also play a role too both vying for attention within the layered composition. Throughout the work I try to balance control and chaos allowing for an expressive freedom with smudges and random attacks of spray paint but then reigning it in with delicate brush strokes and using bold graphical forms that burst off the canvas”.

BENJAMIN JENSEN will feature as a guest artist at Cultivate Evolved, Vyner Street, Bethnal Green, East London, for two weeks opening at 6pm on First Thursday 5th June.   Benjamin will also be joining Cultivate at the 2014 Art Car Boot Fair, Brick Lane on Sunday June 8th.
Some images of both Benjamin Jensen and Kef, click on them to enlarge and explore…

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