ORGAN THING: Pontoon Lip at Cell, 616 down Cremer Street, naked men serving cheese at Arch 402….



Thursday night in East London….  Conversations between artists at CELL Project Space, Cambridge Heath Road, top of Vyner Street, borders of Bethnal Green and Hackney, you’d never find if you didn’t already know –  over the road ftom the Hare, a fine pub where you find art and football – Rotherham versus Preston, playoff semi final second leg, nod of respect to the red shirt King Dennis, decent pint…  Pontoon Lip is a new art exhibition hidden in the Cell Project Space (what is with art galleries and not telling anyone where you are, paint a sign!) Two artists – Katie Cuddon, Celia Hampton – and all this without a proper sentence. Without a Proper Sentence being the name of a publication being launched by Katie Cuddon as part of the rather fine conversations between artists at the aforementioned well-hidden unsigned Cell Space – fabric and sculptural work, re-imagined ruin (some of it in lime green light). Two artists responding to each other over an “intense period” of three weeks…  The Orient shirt on the wall of the Hare was busy seeing who the Os would face at Wembley, no doubt so were Quiet British Accent. Junior was asleep on top of the jukebox, who’s Junior? We can’t say.

Something was happening at Arch 402 over in Cremer Street . Stomach promised lots of food to go with the art, all we saw was a naked man with a cheese board, decent cheese though, the paintings of Peter D’Alessandri stood out.. Seems like 616, Millo and Benjamin Murphy have been down Cremer Street recently as well, lost the Benjamin Murphy photo, something to with letting go of the lead, Birdseed has been about as well, as have “Two vivacious young girls eating, drinking, cooking & filming their way through Italy exploring the landscape, the people and the food!” and nothing to do with Stomach or no naked man giving out cheese, and all to do with, I don’t know, they fly-posted the hell out of Hackney, their tear-off strips were everywhere, go ask them what they’re doing, like their style, let them eat cake!   Another Thursday evening in East London, all we were trying to  do was get from Cultivate to Hoxton railway station station….   .

Here’s the Cell project press release exhibition blurb thing…
PONTOON LIP at CELL Project Space
Katie Cuddon • Celia Hempton
16th May – 29th June – open Friday–Sunday 12-6pm
Performance Sunday 8th June
To coincide with the exhibition Katie Cuddon will launch her new publication Without A Sentence, Without A Name, alongside a performative event by the two artists.
“In the age of self-design, where everyone is constantly producing an image of themselves for the reception of a global audience Hempton and Cuddon choose the body as subject through quiet aesthetic insubordination. As part of a unique collaboration for the two artists they will respond to one another and the space. Works will have physical dependency, although discrete and component parts can be read individually or synthesize as one.
Katie Cuddon makes sculpture with visceral shimmering surface – the result of a modelling process where clay and colour are built gradually creating heavily fingered and pummelled skins. Cuddon’s limb-like structures are amorphous and openly abject as sensualized lumpen clay works lean on make shift platforms or slouch ambivalently over and inside supporting frames. Celia Hempton’s painted works expose voyeuristic glimpses of the body in a singular moment. In most instances one on one with male or female sitter in explicit positions, or in online video chat rooms where human exchange is computer-mediated. Her quickly painted snapshots of sexualised and ambiguously gendered exchange hang on backdrops of grungy washed out RGB colour tones directly painted onto gallery walls to reimagine a digitalised contemporary landscape as ancient ruin. Hempton will incorporate a new and unfolding element within her practice as a one off performative intervention. Cuddon’s interest in words and language which has strongly influenced her sculptural and drawing practice will provide contextual disturbance for the performance. Bringing together texts with ambient audio, a performed reading will launch, Without A Sentence, Without A Name, Cuddon’s recently commissioned publication, published by Art Editions North.”

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