ORGAN THINGS? Who’s driving? Amebix? Stig, Morella? Wolves in the Throne Room, who labelled that wine? Bitter clowns tears with a hint of what?

Things, things things, Yes, nobody’s driving!  no time to mess about here today, things to do, forgetful clones to kick over, things to throw paint on, boots to fill by next week.   How about some delicate expanse from Wolves on the Throne Room?

Wolves in the Throne Room  are from Olympia, United States, here’s some music, we’ll let it do the talking….


“As seems to happen a couple of times a week I was aimlessly wandering the aisles of my local supermarket searching for an ingredient they undoubtedly didn’t have. I was feeling a little dispirited and glanced at the new wine description they’d put up for JP Chenet. Seeing the halfhearted description made me want to cry a little so I thought I’d see if I could jazz it up somewhat”.




“Morella was born of obsession. Three artists. Two women. One man. Each with a separate practice and story. Their union was founded in monochrome and consummated in a chapel hidden on Hackney Road. Welcome to their mausoleum: a trove of traced memories, ideas and perverse imaginings. Look carefully, and you will see white and ink black all over E2. Atop the Chariot, on Waterson and above 59a. Their world is the interior of a compulsive mind: one that craves lust, nature and the esoteric. Morella is the spawn of a profound, homogeneous collaboration that refuses to be confined”

An exhibition of collaborative works by Benjamin Murphy, Pang Streetart, and Sophie Mason

It happens at 59 Hackney Road, London,  E2 7NX (Gugiuman & Timperely) and happens from the 5th June until 14th June  –  Facebook event page for more details



Back in May last year, Can at Cultivate, a group show that happened (or according to some, didn’t ever happen) at Cultivate….

ID-DOM face on wood, at Can, Cultivate,May 2014

ID-DOM face on wood, at Can, Cultivate, May 2014

One year ago, Can, Cultivate,May 2014

One year ago, Can, Cultivate, May 2014

More tomorrow….maybe, who knows….. have this slice of classic AMEBIX for no reason whatsoever, other than they once bothered to write a letter and say thanks for writing a review that sounded like we has actually bothered to listen to their album. We always listened before we committed words to photocopies paper. It is good to be thanked now and again, most people have very short memories…  and that second track still drives right at you, me and the dream…. One trick Basquiat clones, who need’s em?  I love the wholesomeness of Amebix, shared a  record label with ’em once, the label boss was scare stuff of them, a few people around these parts could do with taking a leaf out of the gloriously black Amebix book


Hang on, there was a reason, Stig C Miller, guitarist for legendary UK punk band AMEBIX, has posted a rough mix of a new solo track on his youtube page.

Composed in April 2014 and self-recorded in his home in Bristol UK, “I Go Dark” is the first new music we have heard from Stig since the reunited Amebix gave us the incredible “Sonic Mass” LP in September 2011.

Stig is currently working on an EP worth of material which he plans to release in the future, and while his signature sound is still present, “don’t expect it to sound exactly like Amebix” said somebody…. .



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