ORGAN PREVIEW: Big Deal! Marvellous MIx-Ups X1- An art show in Fulham…

mix_up ” I love consumerism, TV culture, shopping malls…… There is nothing I’d ever buy, but I like being there. It’s wacky” John Lydon, Sex Pistols.

Big Deal! Marvellous MIx-UpsX1 is an art event that opens this Thursday.evening over in Fulham,  London SW6, an expansive group show curated by the respected art-presenting tag team that is Vanya BALOGH & Danny POCKETS

big_deal_flyerThe Big Deal is at the Loud & Western Building, 59-65 Broughton Road, Fulham, London SW6 2LE. The show opens this Thursday evening July 10th and then runs from the 11th to  25th July  (open daily from 12pm until 6pm)

STOP PRESS: Just been over for the set up, all looks rather exciting, some really good work in there and an excellent venue to explore it all in (easy to find, short walk from Imperial Wharf station). Most of it was still being set up, so not too many photos of people’s work before the event opens, but there’s a little taste to get you in the mood for tomorrow now added to the album further down the page there……

The show features, in the curator’s own words, the following “Marvelous artists”

Pascal ROUSSON > Rebecca SCOTT > Loukas MORLEY > Maria Teresa GAVAZZI > Ashley Scott FITZGERALD > Oko OKO > Roger CLARKE > Maslen & MEHRA > Sarah SPARKES > Mark WOODS > Ihtgw CONTINENT > Steve SMITH > Jude Cowan MONTAGUE & Kety BINKS > Tom ESTES > Toni GALLAGHER > Martin SEXTON > Nadia BALLAN > Flange ZOO > Danny POCKETS > Sarah DOYLE > Phillip Raymond GOODMAN > Lili REN > Spizz ENERGI > Tomaz KRAMBERGER > Raul PINA > Danielle HODSON > Ray GANGE > Paul SAKOILSKY > Emma CROFT > Dermot O’BRIEN > Vanya BALOGH > Stephen HALL > Anna NIMAN > Gzillion ARTIST > Jeffrey DISASTRONAUT & SHUBY > Maria Jose ARCEO > Fiona HAINES > Lorenzo BELENGUER > TOBY > Taline TEMIZIAN > Jonas RANSSON > Eva RABOSO > Julian FIRTH > Joanna McCORMICK> Nicholas ARCHER > Hermione ALLSOPP > Duncan PICKSTOCK > Urban XXX > Andrew STYS > Glenn Fitzy FITZPATRICK > Fiona WHITTY > Grassy NOEL > Mark RATHMELL > Anita A BRYAN > Martin EVERETT > Jenny GORDON > Joe PACKER > Michael Surrealist WOODS > Stimulus LTD > Karen AY > Oliver CROWTHER > Keira RATHBONE > Dan KNIGHT > Thomas J RIDLEY > Jim ROSEVEARE > Johnny RAVEN > Tessa HOLMES > Tracey MOBERLY > Susana SANROMAN > Dallas SEITZ > Jenny POCKLEY > Robert SAMPLE > A Lincoln TABER > Toko YAMAMOTO > Sean WORRALL >>>

And here, in advance of the show, comes a random selection of imagery from some of the artists involved in the latest Big Deal show., this isn’t a selection of the work you can expect, just a taste of some of the artists you can expect.  Tune in at the end of this week for images and words from the actual show, it looks like it might just be a good one…

STOP PRESS – Photos and words from the opening night here

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