ORGAN THING: New Blind Thorns, two thirds of them are Ahleuchatistas. A last taste of Big Mix 6 and the Hysteria launch night…

DANNY POCKETSMonday morning, a Thing of the Day? There is no time, one hundred things to find and paint on before the Hackney WickED this coming weekend

More from Blind Thorns, like we said the other day, Two thirds of them are Ahleuchatistas, now that has to be worth investigating surely? The band guitarist Shane Perlowin and drummer Ryan Oslance of Asheville, NC avant-rock exciters Ahleuchatistas and vocalist Antoine Läng, from Geneva, Switzerland, so far it appears to a clever blend of tribal rhythms, noise and if only Club Dog was still around). Check out the just posted video for a  track called ‘Gambling With The Wrong Dice Part I.


More Organ coverage of Blind Thorns here –   ORGAN THING: Cheap Satanism, Blind Thorns, and what those Ahleuchatistas are doing



Meanwhile, the expansive Big Deal 6 art show, put together by Vanya Balogh and Danny Pockets ended a triumphant month of art over at that big warehouse somewhere in estate agent wastelands of London SW6. Last week ended with a whole load of performance and the launch of the third issue of Hysteria Magazine on Thursday evening. Performances by HELENA WALSH, I, AMA JOSEPHINE BUDGE and the always challenging ANDIE MACARIO., and Friday evening with more performance, readings (from Paul Sakoilsky amongst others)  and the close of what has been a rather rewarding exciting diverse and dare we say rather important art show.. There’s a a whole load of photos from the opening night via this link , Big Deal.   This final set of photos are just a final taste from Thursday’s performances and the sun going down on the show on Friday evening.

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