ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Haitian Rail, brashly charting the common spaces between creative noise rock and the jazz avant-garde…

ORGAN THING OF THE DAY…. For we really must have a thing of the day every single day, but only if it really is a thing worth sharing….



Overburden by Haitian Rail, from the album Solarists on New Atlantis Records 2014. Video directed by Dylan Pecora. There’s a whole lot about the band who are now known as Haitian Rail here  or chew on some of the blatantly cut ‘n paste press release bit….

hait_rail_coverBrashly charting the common spaces between creative noise rock and the jazz avant-garde, while shattering the restrictive barriers between them, and formerly dubbed Ricart/Millevoi Quartet (with a stellar debut LP via Gaffer Records), this new lineup features guitarist Nick Millevoi (Many Arms, Deveykus), bassist Edward Ricart (Hyrrokkin, William Hooker Trio), trombonist Dan Blacksberg (Deveykus, Anthony Braxton), and drummer Kevin Shea (Mostly Other People Do the Killing, Talibam!). This revamped iteration of the group raises the high watermark set by their debut, offering a set of roiling new compositions, buoyed by virtuosic technique and unbounded kinetic energy.

The pace is set at the outset with the thunderous, electrifying opening of ‘Trembler.’ The frontline dizzyingly navigates the serpentine head in unison before collectively arcing into raucous, high-octane energy music. An unaccompanied drum solo at the center of the piece deftly manages to sound skittish and menacing all at once. ‘Overburden’ is essentially through-composed, with a section of ominous trombone-driven improvisation, buttressed by serialist melodies. ‘Flare Star,’ at just under seventeen minutes, is the record’s longest piece, boasting a minimalist introduction, and curvilineal head bookending an extended trombone/bass/drum trio romp, and a feedback-laden drum/guitar duo. ‘Seven Wastes’ is a fitting closer, with passing, chromatic drones soaring over pummeling, relentless percussion”.

And here’s part of where they evolved from….








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