ORGAN THING: Here’s some Dominique Leone, who’s he? Here’s some links and things, go explore and see…

Organ Thing of The Day? We’re all Wicked out…. Here’s some Dominique Leone, who’s he? Here’s some links and things, go explore and see…

dom_le“Dominique Leone is a musician, DJ and writer based in San Francisco. He has released music on Important, Smalltown Supersound and Upcode, and worked with Lindstrom, Matmos, Kevin Blechdom, Fred Frith, William Winant and R.Stevie Moore among many others.   He appeared on Boredoms’ Super Roots 10 release (2009), and Nonesuch released his remix of Steve Reich’s 2×5 the following year, in conjunction with the composer’s 74th birthday. Leone staged an updated version of Igor Stravinsky’s Les Noces in 2011, helped organize a 2012 live presentation of Frith’s Gravity LP, and his current project is releasing a new piece of music each day of 2013.  As a music critic, he has written for Pitchfork, Paste, Allmusic and others, known for championing modern experimental, progressive and fringe artists. Leone graduated with a degree in Classical Music Performance from Texas Tech University, 1998″.


“Hi there!  I recently played a live set as part of KFJC’s annual 24 Hour Drone, where two dozen Bay Area experimental artists play hour-long sets during a marathon, uninterrupted (but for periodic DJ updates) slab of pure, unadulterated noise, drone and otherwise unclassifiable commotion.  It was a ton of fun, especially because I rarely perform sets like this, and I got to play out a bunch of my music that doesn’t usually fit in my live sets”.



And here’s a prog mix….



Matching Mole – Starting in the Middle of the Day, Magma – Hhai (version integrale). Jean-Philippe Goude & Olivier Cole – Ergo Sum Pauper, Benoit Wideman – Baleze, Franco Battiato – No U Turn, Oh No Ono – Internet Warrior, This Heat – 24 Track Loop, Cardiacs – Spell With A Shell, Happy Family – Rolling Law Court, David Bowie – Weeping Wall, Franco Leprino – Integrati…Disintegrati, Richard Pinhas – L’Ethique, pt. 1, Video Aventures – Tina, Volapuk – Impro Cloche, Weidorje – Vilna, Yes – South Side of the Sky, Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes – Un Regard Claire, Squarepusher – A Real Woman, Zs – B Is for Burning, Albert Marcoeur – Non Long, Cos – Viva Boma, Offering – Cosmos, King Crimson – Fracture

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