ORGAN THINGS: Tescos Selling Semi skinned Bantha Milk?

ORGAN THINGS: Semi skinned Bantha Milk? Down there on the shelf

Meanwhile, down by the canal, the hundred pieces are still being put out, started at Hackney WickED and on it goes goes until the last one hits the street at the end of the month….


Back in May we asked about the wine…  ORGAN THINGS? Who’s driving? Amebix? Stig, Morella? Wolves in the Throne Room, who labelled that wine? Bitter clowns tears with a hint of what?  And while we do have a strong no Star War policy around here…..

ID-DOM at the Whitecross Street Party

ID-DOM at the Whitecross Street Party

“With the modest success of a few of our supermarket subversions recently my brain seems to have jumped onto the whole fake ad/culture jamming bandwagon and now it seems I can’t go to the shop without coming up with some new form of contrived nonsense. And today’s offering is a pretty good case in point.

A long time ago in a galaxy far away I was strutting the aisles of my local supermarket trying to locate something they undoubtedly didn’t have when my eye chances upon the full fat milk with the blue lid. And that was all I needed to connect blue and milk and come up with the blue milk from Star Wars called bantha milk. We even see Luke Skywalker pour himself a glass in Star Wars whilst he’s living with his aunt and uncle at their moisture farm in Tatooine.

That was all I needed in the way of a plan so went home and set to work. A couple of parsecs later and I had my label good to go – complete with interview with their sand person dairy farmer on Tatooine.

I can already see the print and TV advertising that would go alongside this new miracle food with a tag line along the lines of “With a few glasses of semi-skimmed bantha in you a day you’ll be strong enough to pull the ears off a gundark in no time.” In fact, that’s given me an idea…

Cheers id-iom


And while we’re here messing with minds, let us say those Stranglers never sound so good as they did here.


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