ORGAN THING OF THE DAY: Hawkwind have teamed up with kingly thespian Brian Blessed for… That and some Unkles in Toy Drum and Alaric and Can Can Heads and nobody’s driving……

Do not panic.   Thing of the day? Sonic attacks? Please follow these rules…. Do not panic…
Where were we? Somewhere just past the end of the Cambridge Heath Road or Berstow, or somewhere around Barstow, on the edge of the desert, or maybe the chip shop, or was it The Hare? Somewhere near the Hare when the paint began to take hold and someone said “check out the new album from Alaric (from Oakland California)”, someone from Amebix, well one of Amebix did, or maybe they collectively did? Someone said something, something about waking up and no one driving and turn the goddam music up, my heart feels like an alligator, or something like that. And if Amebix say check it out then it probably is worth checking out, here it is, you decide…. you you you decide, yes you decide…


What did ya think? Answers on a postcard to somewhere or other, Amebix were clearly right, we’re on to checking out Toy Drum now. Who are Toy Drum?   What kind of rat bastard psychotic would play that song right now anyway, right now, at this moment? No, not that Toy Drum one, we’re talking about annoying neighbours and their midnight hammers and their appalling taste in music.  Hang on, play this scratchy itchy skronky thing at them, first, before the skronk (and the Sonic Attack), that Toy Drum thing, too many things at once…. Alaric, they’re from Oakland, aren’t most things on these pages? Killing jokes all round, you find the album on Twenty Buck Spin Records, let it suck you in, don’t let it spit you out….

Pablo Clements & James Griffith, members of UNKLE since ‘War Stories’, are to release new mini-album as TOYDRUM.  Toydrum – Distant Focus Vol. 1 is out on September 29th on Underscore Collective



Right then, that skronk that was mentioned back there…….

“Hi, Can Can Heads are a band from Finland, heavily influenced by No Wave, Skronk, Free Jazz, Hardcore Punk, all things noisy. The brand new Butter Life LP (edition of 300) was released on 03/14/2014 by Karkia Mistika Records/Verdura Records/Bottom of the Pops. You can stream it in its entirety at our bandcamp page”

thing back at them… Indeed we can and here it is right here for you to stream it as well, we do this because we can and we care, we care a lot about the bands that no one loves, or the cabbager patch kids or something like that



“Please let me know if you would need the physical LP, and I’ll send you one asap” said the message that also contained the following bits of essential information that seems ot have got all messed up with code and skratchy bits of text and yes, it could be fixed if we were of a mind to go and do it but hey, kind of fits the hit and miss nature of the sometimes satisfying sometimes not quite satisfying Can Can Heads don’t you think.And it did come with kind regards, and made us think of Dog Face Hermans and Blurt and Skree and…. …
cancanheadsCan Can Heads is a nest of contradictions, twists and surprises. It’s violent music with a gentle heart. The band’s front man doesn’t sing. Or play an instrument. He occupies the space on stage where a lead singer usually resides. And gyrates. Generally, the bass is as close as the band gets to a lead instrument. The music is convulsive and jerky, but manages to reach a hypnotic state. It’s like tribal music made by a quintet consisting of misfits and contrarians. Hailing from a barn in the flood-prone flatlands of Bothnia in western Finland, Can Can Heads has been kicking against the pricks for over two decades. They’ve managed to avoid all contact with the roaming searchlights of media attention by skulking from one margin to another: punk, no wave, free jazz, noise. All this goes into a blender and out comes something the band itself tends to call “Ramones meets Albert Ayler”. Others might call it skronk. Butter Life is not smooth and it’s not creamy. It sizzles and scrapes, raking its lo-fi nails from your scapula down to the small of your back. (Arttu Tolonen)” With kind regards, Tomi Nuotio, Helsinki, Finland.
Fractured noise, we like fractured noise, raw can can heads  Whatever happened to that Canhead lot? They were good, goodness me, fish and chips, get the flip away from mine, remember now, think only of yourself, do not panic….. a new sonic attack is incoming, the headline said “Hawkwind launch a Sonic Attack on the singles chart with a little help from Brian Blessed”, can that be right? is this another Orsen Walls with Manowar moment? Brian Bleedin’ Blessed? You can’t avoided the big-voiced cheese merchant, shout out the phone book….
“It’s the musical collaboration we never knew we needed, until now! Legendary space rockers HAWKWIND have teamed up with kingly thespian Brian Blessed for a brand new single version of ‘Sonic Attack!’ so claims someone over at Cherry Red Records
new single artwork

new single artwork

“When Hawkwind decided to recreate their classic Space Ritual show of 1972, for one night only, at the London’s Shepherds Bush Empire in February 2014, the venerable group donated all proceeds to animal charities including Team Badger – of which Brian Blessed is a patron. It was a gig that set the wheels in motion for a storming new partnership”.

The accompanying video was created by long time Hawkwind artist Martin McGuiness.

“This powerful addition to the Hawkwind canon is available (via Cherry Red) from 1st September 2014″. championed the shouty press release, and yes indeed, nothing wrong with yet another sonic attack to added to the mountains of versions of already released. Here it is in 1972 without what some might say was too much ham….

We’re out of here, nobody’s driving…..


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