ORGAN THINGS: We Could Not Agree, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs on a wing, new Pink Floyd art, Jeffrey Disastronaut’s Mini and agreeing or not on Killdozer covers…

Folkestone yesterday

Folkestone yesterday

Monday things, Mini things, car park things, We Could Not Agree, Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs are something we could agree on surely? Here’s a bag of things while we get on with not agreeing about life and feeding on tea and oranges that come all the way from China, that and the merits of Leonard Cohen’s perfect original rather then Nick Cave‘s version, or even Neil’s take on it from his ’71 album Stones, and how good is it if you open the YouTube versions in different windows and set them all off together leaning out for look outs and leaning that way forever… Stones features the original version of the Killdozer classic I Am I Said.  Anyone paying attention here? No one? Not even the chair? Hackney’s fine but it ain’t home. Here’s that Mini frog that became a prince and a taste of a tasty art show coming up called We Could not Agree for today we could not agree on the best version of Suzanna, the selection of artists for the forthcoming We Could Not Agree show or indeed what the best Killdozer cover is, unbelievable really, thing things you say. You burden me with these questions and then don’t listen to my replies….


Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs, Psychopomp, a cassette only first edition limited to 50 copies with download code. This edition comes on military grey coloured tape shells via Box Records .


That Mini of Jeffrey Disastronaut is heading for a car park in Westminster, Q Park to be exact, and a show called WE COULD NOT AGREE

WE COULD NOT AGREE curated by ten curators who clearly could not agree, the ten are CEDRIC CHRISTIE, ALICE HERRICK, ROGER CLARKE, SARAH SPARKES, VANYA BALOGH, REBECCA SCOTT, PASCAL ROUSSON, TRACEY MOBERLY, MARK WOODS and GEOFF LEONG.  Together they have selected a whole multi-story car park floor’s worth of artists, you’ll find them (us) all on Level 3 of Q Park, Cavendish Square, London, W1 it all start on 13th October at 6pm with the private view (these things are always open to everyone, who know why they’re called private views?) and then runs from Tuesday 14th until Sunday 19th October, 12 until 8pm



“Killdozer were an American band, formed in Madison, Wisconsin in 1983, with members Bill Hobson, Dan Hobson and Michael Gerald. They took their name from the 1974 TV movie, directed by Jerry London, itself based on a Theodore Sturgeon short story. They released their first album, Intellectuals are the Shoeshine Boys of the Ruling Elite, in the same year. The band split in 1990 but reformed in 1993, losing guitarist Bill Hobson and gaining Paul Zagoras, and continued until they split up in 1996. Their farewell tour was officially titled “Fuck You, We Quit!”, and included Erik Tunison of Die Kreuzen in place of Dan Hobson on drums and Jeff Ditzenberger on additional guitar. The band released nine albums, including a post-breakup live CD, The Last Waltz”.


There’s a gzillion artists showing in that car park, I’m sure you’ll agree it looks rather good… me, i;m busy painting a piece called Emma Street on a piece of wood found in a street called Emma (rather than proof reading this….), you’ve got the info and the links, who needs proof reading!?


Artists in the show we can all agree on include Caroline Stevenson + Megan Pickering + Adam Piper + Jess Hurd + Jason Parkinson + Mark Miller + Jai Moodie + Nerys Mathias + Tracey Moberly + Mandy Burns + Maslen Mehra + Gzillion Artist + Ihtgw Continent  + Martin Sexton + Andie Macario + Nadia Ballan  + Glen Fitzy Fitzpatrick + Patrick Morrissey & Hanz Hancock + Jim Racine + Vanya Balogh + Peter Fillingham + Zanne Andrea + Anne Deeming + Ben Garrod + Adam Burton + Sellotape Cinema + Norman Mine + Poppy Jackson + Roger Clarke + Danny Pockets + Julian Firth + Susana Sanroman + Rekha Sameer + Tom Estes + Steve Smith + Jude Cowan Montague + Shuby + Keivan Sarrafan + Joanna Mc Cormick + Stimulus Ltd + Michael Petry + Gillian Duffy + Oko Oko + Dermot O Brien + John Plowman + Mark Woods + Stathis Lagoudakis + Kate Lyddon + Rebecca Scott + Hermione Allsopp + Paul Eachus + Roberto Ekholm + David Fryer + Tim Mitchell + Alexandre Bianchini  + DJ Roberts + Derek Mainella + David J Batchelor + Jake Clark + Pascal Rousson + Sarah Doyle + Urban XXX  + Ashley S Fitzgerald + Birgitta Hosea + Miyuki Kasahara + Calum F Kerr + Ann Robinson + Charlotte Squire + Sarah Sparkes + Jeffrey Disastronaut + Aly Helyer  + Kate Kotcheff + Maria Teresa Gavazzi + Michal Cole + Tasha Marks + AVM Curiosities + Alice Herrick  + Paul Hazelton & Tom Swift + Lindsay Sekulowicz & Sonia Levy + Paul Sakoilsky + Sean Worrall + Dan Knight  + Jim Roseveare + Lorenzo Belenguer + Piers Jamson + Andy Elton + Cedric Christie + Martin Paul Everett + Toni Gallagher + Ray Gange + Xiao Yu + Spizz Energi + Dallas Seitz + Francesco La Porta + Thomas J Ridley + Charlie Whinney + Benjamin Owen + Rebecca Feiner + Phillip Raymond Goodman + Frog Morris + Michael Croft + Greg Tate + Victor Velvet + Unstoppable Achievers + Hugo Madureira + Maria Jose Arceo + Jake Garfield  + Joe Nava + Esme Toler + Kate Thackara + Ami Hughes + Georgia Kemball + Lissy Kime + Heath Lowndes  + Goran Chanter + Josh Bitelli + Lina Audzeviciute + Lucinda Bolton + Jessica Bailey + KeelerTornero + Isolde Nash + Joseph Turnbull….

More about all this over the next few days once we’ve agreed on a few things, good to see Victor Velvet in there, that could get dangerous… That down there apparently is the artwork for the new Pink Floyd;s album that’s coming out in November, not rushing to write it in any diary around here but we thought you might like to see it, look like a bad Transatlantic cover to us, here’s the story if you care for such things, not now John we’ve got to get on with this, we’ll stick to seven pigs (on a wing)

Pink Floyd launch new album.

More of this tomorrow, maybe…


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