R.I.P Street artist Ben Naz, it was a privilege to know you…

bennaz_oneReally really sorry to hear about the passing of Ben Naz this morning, what a wonderful human.  It was an honour to know and work with him, an inspiration, a pleasure, and a person who will never be forgotten by those who were lucky enough to get to know him a little .  His determination to keep on fighting and painting right up until the last-minute, to keep on getting out to shows, to be in shows, to be out there on the street painting, doing, smiling, being positive…  What a wonderfully inspiring human being and what a privilege it was to know him and show his work on our walls at Cultivate, it was always a pleasure to do so, . Our thoughts are with Ben’s family and friends, thanks for everything Ben, rest in peace .      (sw)

BEN NAZ - (photo: Jeremy Mosley)

BEN NAZ – (photo: Jeremy Mosley)




One thought on “R.I.P Street artist Ben Naz, it was a privilege to know you…

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