ORGAN THINGS: Some goodlooking Brian Eno, a touch of Robert Fripp and some new Guerilla Toss

Where were we? Did we ask that yesterday? We ask it most days. Today we have places to be and one of those places is not hanging around here sharing art, music and explaining to Americans what those Sleaford Mods are on about. Here’s some Brian Eno, really like the artwork, I like my music to come wrapped in good artwork….  Here’s a taste of some tracks that are coming out as part of a Brian Eno box set (on All Saints), previously unreleased I do believe, not entirely sure… you have the links down there, go see what the score is, Hang on, here’s some info

“check out music from the forthcoming Eno reissues – the lead track from 1992’s Nerve Net (recorded with Robert Fripp and others), and one of the unreleased bonus tracks that comes with the expanded edition of The Shutov Assembly”


EnoReissueCombinedPacksBrian Eno Links:

All Saints Links:

And here, befroe we go, have some new Guerilla Toss, a new EP they’re releasing to tie in with a European tour that includes a UK date in London, at the Old Blue Last on November 25th….


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