ORGAN: The Strange Times want to eat your leaders, Kayo Dot and Botanist heading this way, in the back of a bus, causing a buzz…

Whoooo, not now then, where’s the plot? This book has no plot, Steve Hackett is 65, are thing going off and things? Are we in a little bit of a panic sphere? Wherever we are, have a taste of this, the new Eat Your Leaders EP, from self-proclaimed New York art-punk troupe The Strange Times

“Since December 2012, The Strange Times have been crafting an eclectic style of punk rock, which is noted for its urgent social critiques, poignant political satires, and occasional string arrangements. In January 2014, the NYC-based band released their debut EP, “I Love Cops,” which was followed by the release of a single and two music videos, touring on the U.S east coast, and an appearance at Punk Island and the CBGB Music Festival”.

There’s an interview with The Strange Times to be found on line via California music zine New Noise. 



Here’s some Kayodot…


Now we really hadn’t bothered taken any notice of Gaz Coombes and what he’s doing these days, he of one time brit pop band Supergrass, they never got us in a buzz in the back of no bus, and far be it for us to mention Radiohead, hey, it caught passing ears around here, here it is, caught by the buzz indeed….


So anyway, was there a plot? Nah, there never was, just a stream of unconscious muttering about music and art and cut ‘n paste Pritt stick and fractured photocopiers, bad attitudes, kicking against the pricks and something about something mattering for some reason.  And I read in an interview with a Cardiacs member in another zine once how if hadn’t been for Organ they probably would have packed it all in, something like that. So anyway Steve Hackett becomes a pensioner today, and if there was a plot no one ever told me. I also read on a Cardiacs fan forum once that I really didn’t care that much about Cardiacs and I was only in it for the money, yeah, right, that was a surefire get rich quick scheme!

There will now be a short break and a word from our sponsors, see you on the otherside of this quick ad break


KAYODOT and BOTANIST are on the way over for a European tour, booking dates right now, a whole load of avant-metal buzzing in the back of a van, they have a plot. so far, the UK shapes up like this, they want to put more in place though, that’s the plot, they’ve got a plot, somepeople have a plot, 24.04.15 UK London The Macbeth, 25.04.15 UK Manchester Islington Mill  Promoters get in touch, send flowers, I know what, me, I’m just a botanist mate, you can tell me by the way I walk. Two of the finest bands in the world right now….


Those KAYODOT and BOTANIST dates so far in full… then, here’s their plot;  “European Kayo Dot fans! Here’s how our tour with Botanist is shaping up. If anyone can help fill in the off days or TBA’s, please write to as soon as possible. THANKS!!!!



03.04.15 France Nantes Metalorgie Festival – Kayo Dot only
04.04.15 – 04.07.15 – Kayo Dot in Tel Aviv
08.04.15 TBA
09.04.15 Germany Leipzig Doom Over Leipzig
10.04.15 Belgium / Germany TBA
11.04.15 Netherlands Tilburg Roadburn Festival
12.04.15 Belgium / Germany TBA
13.04.15 Germany Hamburg Hafenklang
14.04.15 Sweden Gothenburg Fangelset
15.04.15 Germany Berlin Magnet
16.04.15 Czech Republic Prague Vila Štvanice
17.04.15 Switzerland Geneva Undertown
18.04.15 Italy Milano anteprima solomacello @ lo fi club
19.04.15 France TBA
20.04.15 France Paris Espace B
21.04.15 UK TBA
22.04.15 UK TBA
23.04.15 UK TBA
24.04.15 UK London The Macbeth
25.04.15 UK Manchester Islington Mill
26.04.15 UK Liverpool TBA
27.04.15 Germany Essen Panic Room
28.04.15 Poland Warsaw Mózg Powszechny
29.04.15 Hungary Budapest GMK
30.04.15 Austria Krems Donaufest – Botanist only


Quiet World were an English band formed by brothers John, Lee, and Neil Heather in 1969; to record their concept album “The Road”. The group consisted of John (vocals, songwriting), Lea (vocals, songwriting), and Neil (songwriting), as well as future Genesis member Steve Hackett (lead guitar) and his brother John Hackett (flute, guitar), Dick Driver (bass), Gill Gilbert (backing vocals), Phil Henderson (keyboards), Eddy Hines (flute), and Sean O’Mally (drums). Quiet World released their debut album The Road in 1970. Shortly thereafter, Steve Hackett left to join the progressive rock group Genesis as lead guitarist.




More later, maybe…. More is our name, volume is the game, that’s the plot….





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