ORGAN THING: Today, outside Shoreditch Overground, East London, Festival of Shadows….

Quick parish notice:  Today, outside Shoreditch Overground, East London, Festival of Shadows….

#‎borisseethelight‬ The threat of the Bishopsgate Goodsyard looms larger than ever. Nearly 50 floors buildings would cast the area into permanent shadow. Boris can say ‘NO’ if we help him see the light.


“Join our Festival of Shadows: this Sunday 15 November at 12pm outside Shoreditch Overground. Wear black, bring a torch and a black umbrella”.

“The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has dramatically intervened to decide the development of Bishopsgate Goodsyard in Shoreditch. He has taken away the two councils’ power to decide the planning application and will make the decision himself. If he approves the current proposal, a faceless mega complex of luxury towers will cast giant shadows over our community and give nothing back to Shoreditch, Spitalfields and Brick Lane areas”. More reading here



As part of the first of its public engagements, the newly formed Bengali East End Heritage Society is asking Londoners to send them photographs of their local area which reminds them of a Bengali presence.  The project is called ‘Amrar Zaga’, which translates as “Our Place”. The city is experiencing an intense amount of growth in buildings and development. How do these physical changes impact on the local Bangladeshi community?

What aspects of the built environment remind you of a Bangladeshi presence in the local area? This could be your neighbourhood, a row of houses, an architectural feature, shop, street market or social event – anything that signals that a Bengali or Bangladeshi community lives here.

Email your photograph with your name, details, your locality and a description on why you chose it to avidartagency at or Tweet to @avidartagency

Your photographs will be used for mapping purposes, future exhibitions and to help shape the image and role of the Bengali East End Heritage Society.

More later…. maybe…

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