ORGAN THING: Who are The Night Pattern? And CTM? What’s David Shillinglaw doing?

Connor Brothers

Connor Brothers

ORGAN THING:  Who are The Night Pattern? What’s David Shillinglaw doing? Crowdfunding the police? Who are the Night Pattern?  Why is there a bit of Connor Brothers right there?

What’s David Shillinglaw doing?

“Detail of my new installation: The Keep Smiling Kiosk, at Scream Editions.  The exhibition opens this Wednesday. I’ll be there Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evenings, talking the talk and making tea and pop corn for people. My new zine/newspaper is also available at the gallery for free (donations are welcome and all money goes to help children in Syria) lots of other cool artists featured in this group exhibition”.

The Night Pattern “are ace, and they’re from the Isle Of Man, which, given the music they’re producing, is both baffling and incredibly admirable” so said Stephen. Who’s Stephen? Doesn’t matter, he brought The Night Pattern to our attention, that’s all you need to know about Stephen right now.  And now we shall bring The Night Pattern to your attention (assuming they don’t already have your attention of course), they’re on Amicable

David Shillinglaw

David Shillinglaw

Who are the Night Pattern? Well they’re from the Isle of Man, they’re rather good, we don’t really need to do anything other then give you the link and the bandcloud soundcamp thing, you can go explore, reviews are no longer needed, if we’ve bothered to post it then you know we thinking them worthy of your time, we are very very selective around here, we’re not going to post any old tat, only the best art, music and underculture around these parts….


Amicable is a Bristol UK based label focused on quick-turnaround recordings, capturing one-off performances, and giving a home to musical waifs and strays that deserve more than to be left on hard-drives unheard. These can all be streamed or downloaded for free, however if you enjoy what we do, donations to help fund future sessions are greatly appreciated”.

here’s two electric guitars and Machinedrum recorded and produced February 2015 by John McCartney.


And Friend of a Friend, with “four pieces recorded between 14.37hrs and 17.05hrs on an unexpected day off (Tuesday 7th April, 2015)”


Those three musical things were on Amicable records, CTM has nothing to do with Amicable and “Cézanne” is the first single from CTMs forthcoming mini-album “Suite for a Young Girl”.   CTM is Cæcilie Trier.


Here’s the CTM cut ‘n pasted hype….

About the video Cæcilie says: “The video was recorded in a very old house in the old city center of Copenhagen. A group of girls and their dance teacher from a dance school in Copenhagen made choreographies to several of the songs on the album. We came to their dance studio and was mesmerized by their beautiful moves and the differences between them, everything about them. So we ended up shooting the dances, but also a lot of material of them just hanging out at the set, fooling around with a go pro cam, looking at their phones, waiting between the dance shots. My live pianist Malthe Rostrup and my father came by as well, we recorded them playing respectively piano and classic guitar. It ended up as two cohesive videos, the first one is Cezanne, both shot the same day by Kamilla Bruus and Sara Laub.”

About CTM and the music:  Cézanne is from the forthcoming mini-album Suite for a Young Girl produced and composed by Cæcilie Trier – the createur of CTM and acclaimed Danish singer, cellist and composer. The new music underlines that Cæcilie Trier is among the most interesting and unique voices on the Danish music scene.

“Cézanne” derives from a suite of songs orchestrated and illustrated by classical instruments, midi orchestrations, manipulated voices and real sounds – of dripping water, a ball game etc. Altogether a collage forming a cinematic story with a narrator changing faces, voices and point of views throughout the suite. Musically the suite features many different sounds, styles and references, from the classical impressionism, bulgarian folk choir, soul music etc, it is a collage with Cæcilie as the a narrator leading you through these patchwork textures of musical genres, real life sounds and lyrics nodding at different writers with its mysterious cinematic narration – almost like a theater play made for radio.






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