ORGAN THINGS: David Shillinglaw’s Capital Chaos, a slice of raw post modernism from Starsha Lee, Gitane Demone’s quartet, a slice of infuriatingly good pop from Flowers and Wham stretched for Christmas

Some things, a bag of things, a bag load of things all worth a mention or a share or a link or whatever needs to be shared, a bag load of things that have been hanging around here waiting to be mentioned/. How about some Christmas Wham stretched out 800% and why not, they never sounded so good, stretch them out now…


Gitane Demone, she of Christian Death and things, has a quartet, they just let loose a song via their Bandcamp, here it is and how fine it is as well, how good to hear….


What else do we have? Rather enjoying David Shillinglaw‘s art at the moment, on the whole words seem to be a far too obvious to be put on a canvas but there’s something about the way David’s words fall, that and his fine use of colour, and the energy, the committed energy that flows through it all.  “Capital Chaos” (2015). “Mixed paint on canvas. From my exhibition You Are Here at Scream gallery. Detail of a bigger picture. The full Painting is 100cm x 190cm” said David as he posted this image a few days back…

 DAVID SHILLINGLAW "Capital Chaos" (2015)

DAVID SHILLINGLAW “Capital Chaos” (2015)


More stretched out things…. Strawberry Fields stretched out to 32 Siren-Song-like minutes of sound….


And another slice of raw Starsha Lee, a relatively new London bands stating to provoke opinion…get to their Facebook via this link right here…that combination of primal riffs and that post-modern deerhoof of a voice, got nothing to say?


Flowers have made a video for a track called Pull my Arm, a perfectly delightful slice of pop from their forthcoming album. Apparently they don’t like making videos, they said of thge process that they were “reading having to make one because the three of us Flowers are all very camera shy. We’re terrible with press photos and all that stuff, we hate it! But this time our dear and very talented friend Finnigan agreed to make a video for us, so the whole process was actually really relaxed and fun. We feel like sometimes music videos, whilst looking really good, distract you from listening to the song they’re accompanying. But Finn did a brilliant job of complimenting the song with the video and actually added something to the music rather than detracting from it.”



The album, Everyone is Dying to Meet You is out, on Fortuna Pop, on Feb 12th. Apparently this allmost “infuriatingly catchy” first single and opening track “Pull My Arm” nearly didn’t make it onto the album. Written during rehearsals for their tour with Luna after album recording sessions had finished, the band hastily booked another day at Bark and laid it down the day after the tour finished. Band favourite “Ego Loss” began with Sam playing with a new guitar pedal and writing a punk number… before the addition of Rachel’s words saw it morph into something completely different. Other highlights include the pop rush of “Bitter Pill” and the mesmeric, slow-burning “Intrusive Thoughts”.

Enough from the bag today, too busy taking over a railway arch…. more hours, need more hours….



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