ORGAN THINGS: Revealing a taste of the new PJ Harvey album, revealing Mexrrissey, revealing Reveal, the future is….

This one then, a whole stream of something dancing around something or other, and the point of it all? Sometimes it really is about just throwing a signpost or two in your direction, signposts like this one and a piece that claims that Five Women Artists Are Setting The Stage For A Future Feminism.  Signposts, here’s something, here’s a band, here’s some art, here’s some news (occasionally some bad news), here’s some music, signposts….



Here’s some news you might consider good?  “Acclaimed Mexican band Mexrrissey, renowned for their distinctive reinventions of classic Morrissey songs, have announced the release of their remarkable debut album, No Manchester, out March 2016 on Cooking Vinyl. The band have also released a brand new single with accompanying video called International Playgirl,


Meanwhile, this short taste of things to come from PJ Harvey has just been posted,  The musician will be releasing her long-awaited ninth studio album early next year


2011’s Let England Shake really was an important moment, it really did cement the reputation of PJ Harvey, her standing. And now, almost half a decade later, PJ Harvey is back with her as-yet-unnamed ninth album, which will arrive next spring.  Is PJ Harvey a “her” now, I do recall her insist her name was Polly Harvey and that the name of the band was PJ Harvey

The new album was recorded during a month long residency at a specially designed studio in Somerset House, where visitors were invited to watch her on the other side of an enclosed box with one-way glazing. It also comes following an “artistic journey” which took her to Serbia, Afghanistan and Washington D.C.  A small slice of the result of this journey can now be glimpsed via this short film clip directed by Seamus Murphy.

Reveal_jan2016dateREVEAL   Revealing things….. kick starting a new art year

Reveal will almost certainly be the first Cultivate art event of 2016, although the opening night of Reveal isn’t until Thursday January 7th, so who knows, there may well be some Cultivation before that, we intend having another pro-active maximalist year of cultivation.

Cultivate will continue with the nomadic takeover of interesting spaces big and small for their first event of 2016. Reveal will happen in the East London railway arch that is home to the recently opened Fount London complex.

Reveal will reveal new work from Cultivate founders Sean Worrall and Emma Harvey,

Reveal will also continue with the tradition of revealing fresh work from artists that currently excite us, including one or two who have never revealed themselves at Cultivate before. Expect a typically busy Cultivate group show and a long weekend of New Year artistic intent, expect cross-pollination, expect artists who don’t usually show with each other, expect painters jousting with performance, expect sculpture, print

london_fields_eastsignExpect painting, sculpture, performance, art, artists and more on the opening Thursday night and throughout the weekend both inside and outside the white-walled railway arch of a Hackney gallery.

Fount is found over the road from Hackney’s ever popular Netil Market and a two minute walk from London Fields railway station, as well as the busy food-filled thing that is Broadway Market and London Fields itself.

More details of events and artists to be announced over the next couple of weeks –

ARTISTS CONFIRMED SO FAR – Amy Elizabeth Kingsmill, Cecily Baker, Deborah Griffin, Diane Goldie, Emma Harvey, John Lee Bird, Marnie Scarlet, Megan Pickering, Samuel Brzeski, Sarah Sparkes, Sean Worrall, Skeleton Cardboard, ThisOne

Cultivate @ Fount London, Arches, 358-260, Westgate Street, London, E8 3RN. Opening night 7th January, 6pm until 9pm and then open 10.30am until 6pm 8th until 10th January.

Cecily Baker

Cecily Baker

Skeleton Cardboard

Skeleton Cardboard



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